The Doctor's War

The Doctor meets most of his foes. And only his friendly companions. Will he survive? With all the danger, regret, loss, and anger? We could never know.


1. Chapter 1

  The Doctor spun, happily in his TARDIS. Until a BOOM! "Ah!" He cried as he pushed buttons and watched the screen. "What?! Who's teleporting me?!" The TARDIS made a painful sound. "It's ok! It's alright! I'll have a good talk to the person who did this." The Doctor said, soothing his TARDIS like a child. The Doctor ran to the door and straightened his bowtie. "This might be the end.


  So I will have to say something spectacular," he grabbed his coat, and was about to open the doors.... "Geronimo!" He shouted and he whipped open the doors, lead to a wind. So he jumped right out!


  "Off a cliff!!!!" He yelled as he fell down a water fall. 


  SPLASH! Rose walked in a puddle. "You gonna walk in a puddle? Yeah?" She totured herself as she down the streets, sad. Her Half TimeLord, boyfriend had died. "Rose! Rose!!" She heard. But it was no one. Just a simple memory. She couldn't believe it was all over. All the stars, the dancing, the aliens, the TARDIS even. She hadn't laughed since The real Doctor went away. She missed him. Until,

"Tyler! Rose Tyler!" Someone cried. Someone...familiar. "Yeah?" She stopped and turned around to see Jack Hardness. "Jack! Oi, thought this was a parallel universe!" She laughed. "Yeah well, we caught The Doctor." Jack smiled. But Rose froze. Jack's words ran through her head over and over again. 'What does he mean, he's back?!' She though, scared. 'Did he change? Does he has a wife? A wife? No, he can't! H-he can't...'

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