When Fandoms unite

You are just a normal teenage girl, going to university. Until one day, you receive a letter that changes your life forever.


5. Sword Fighting.

Bilbo woke up. He stretched and yawned.

"Wake up! The sun is shining! Time for your lessons!" You said, leaning against the door post. "I brought you some coffee. There is already sugar in it,"

Bilbo blinked. "What is coffee?" He mumbled, not fully awake yet.

"Just drink it! It wakes you up. I'll be outside waiting for you,"

"But.." it was the only thing he could say, for you were already gone. "This does help me wake up," Bilbo said after taking a sip of the coffee. "Let me go and see what (y/n) is doing," he said as he jumped up.

You were outside practising with your sword. You were trying to slice the dead leaves that fell from the trees in half. Bilbo was watching you.

"How am I supposed to learn that?" He said to himself. It looked very difficult, for you were practising the harder moves.

You stopped practising and walked to Bilbo. You saw the worry on his face. "Don't worry, I am only going to teach you the basic skills," You assured him. "It is very easy and fun to learn. I'll help you with everything,"

"Ok- okay," Bilbo said.

After an hour of swordfighting, you and Bilbo had breakfast together.

"So," Bilbo said. "You say that 13 dwarves will come to my house, and most of them will underestimate me?"

"Yes. Don't take it personally, they are dwarves. Dwarves don't trust someone they don't know," You said. "Thorin, the leader of the dwarves will try to talk you down. Again, nothing personal. Dwarf issues," You smiled. "If you feel uncomfortable in any way you must come to me,"

Bilbo nodded. "Thank you,"

The next three days you taught Bilbo how to read elvish (which you learned by once following an online course), taught him how to handle a sword, and you taught him a bit about the dwarven history. On the fourth day you instructed him to go outside and wait for Gandalf to arrive, while you waited restlessly in your room.

"I hope it will go smoother than in the book," You said to yourself. "Oh, I hope so..." at that moment she heard the door open and close. She swung the door of her room open to see what had happened and..

You hit Bilbo.

In the face.

With your door.

"Oh my god I am so so sorry!" You could just grab Bilbo before he hit the floor. Bilbo rubbed his forehead. There was a small bump appearing on his head.

"Thanks for saving me from falling," Bilbo said.

"Thank me? I just hit you with the door!" You replied.

"You didn't do it on purpose," Bilbo smiled. "And otherwise I would've had two bruises!"

You laughed. "Yeah, I guess. I am still sorry though,"

"Don't be, its not the first time it happened to me," He said. "And anyway, there are guests coming tonight. We better get ready," He winked at you.

"Adventure, here we come!" You smiled.

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