When Fandoms unite

You are just a normal teenage girl, going to university. Until one day, you receive a letter that changes your life forever.


3. Oath Keeper.

You woke up. You were back in your treehouse again. You shook your head. Had it all been a dream? You looked at your hands. No, you were still holding the two pieces of paper Gandalf had given to you. "Time to go and pack my bag!" Then and idea popped into your head. At the stables where you worked, there was a black stallion by the name of Thunder. You always rode Thunder, and always cleaned out his stable first and gave him sweets. He was not liked by many people, because he bit anyone who tried to buy him. The stables were pretty much stuck with him, because no one would buy him and it only cost money keeping him in the stables. Thunder and you got along very well, maybe even the best out of all the people. You loved that horse. "They wouldn't even mind if I 'lend' him for a bit," You thought.

You opened the door of your house. Your parents were currently on a world trip, and they knew that you would cope perfectly well being on your own. Not that they cared. It was time that you got your own house.

"Okay, what should I take with?"

After an hour of packing your bag, you went to the stables where 'your' horse, Thunder, was staying. He greeted you happily.

"Hi boy! Do you want to go on an adventure?" You brushed and saddled him. "Let me get some horse sweets.. done! We can go!" You lead Thunder out his stable. You acted like you were going to train him in one of the arena's. You climbed on Thunder and started reading.

"Once, there was a girl who could travel though books. She needed to get to a wizards house, so she had packed all her stuff in a bag and was trying to find-"

For the third time that day, she disappeared.

You didn't fall asleep this time, sitting on Thunder. You arrived close to the big willow. "Okay, lets find Gandalf! Go!" Thunder ran into a gallop.

Gandalf was waiting outside his house. His eyebrows lifted when he saw Thunder. Surprise.

"Surprised I bought a horse with me?" You asked.

"Yes," Came Gandalf's simple answer. "Come, then we can put him next to mine. What is its name?"

"Thunder. But shouldn't we be going?"

"I first want to know what you brought with you! Put Thunder here, then we can talk."

Once inside Gandalf's house, you showed him the stuff you'd bought.

"My blanket, a jacket, extra socks, a notebook and pen, a knife, medicine, horse sweets, a handkerchief, the book and some.. other private stuff I guess,"

"Did you bring a weapon of some kind? Beside the knife?" Gandalf asked.

"Oh! I almost forgot. I used to do sword fighting before I went to university. I still practice it though, but with a blunt sword. I brought it anyway," You grabbed your scabbard and took the sword out.

"That is a beautiful sword," Gandalf said. "I can sharpen it for you if you like, does it have a name?"

"Oath Keeper. And yes, if you could sharpen it that would be great!" You said.

Gandalf nodded and walked with the sword to his spell room. "She is a fierce girl, that one. The dwarves will like her, that is for sure. Bilbo too, of course! I hope Thorin doesn't mind I brought an unexpected visitor..." he thought. He remembered every dwarf. 13. He had urged Thorin, son of Thrain and the leader of the dwarf company to reclaim their homeland that was taken from them by the mighty dragon Smaug. Thorin had asked him to find someone to help them on their quest, for 13 was an unlucky number. They needed.. a burglar perhaps? Gandalf hoped they wouldn't mind if he had bought a burglar and.. a... well, what were you? He would ask you. Gandalf was awoken from his thoughts by some sounds in the kitchen. The sword! He'd almost forgotten about it. He grabbed a spell. Not the right one.. "Where did I put that thing?" Gandalf looked carefully. There it was. Gandalf quickly spoke the spell, which transformed the blunt blade into a blade so sharp you could shave yourself with it. He hurried out of his spell room, to the kitchen. You were making something that smelled really good.

"Ah, there you are! It was taking a bit long, so I decided to make some hot chocolate! Do you want a cup?" You asked, holding a cup filled with the hot, sweet brown liquid. You handed Gandalf the cup.

"Thank you," Gandalf said. "Here is your sword, but be careful, it is very very sharp," He tasted some of the 'Hot chocolate' as she called it. Gandalf smiled, and remembered the question he wanted to ask you. "You have read that I want Bilbo Baggins as a burglar, right?" He said, referring to the book. You nodded. "So when I am going to introduce you to Thorin, what do I say?

You frowned. "I study to be a vet," You said. "So you could possibly say I am a doctor? I have some medicine too, so.."

"Good. Yes, that could work. I am going to bring you to Bilbo now, You have 4 days to prepare him for when the adventure starts, meaning when I ask him. That is the day I will inform the others. Is that okay?" Gandalf looked at you. Your eyes shone with delight.

"I am ready!" You said. Gandalf smiled.

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