When Fandoms unite

You are just a normal teenage girl, going to university. Until one day, you receive a letter that changes your life forever.


2. Meeting Gandalf.

"I am sure I'll soon find out what this place is.." You had landed in a different, dense forest. You sat still in the dead leaves for a while, processing what just had happened. "...Did I land in the book?" you wondered. Suddenly, you heard a noise. You quickly stood up and grabbed a stick. You slowly moved to the direction of the sound.

"Who are you?" The voice made you jump. In front of you was a rather strange looking... human. He was standing on what appeared to be a sled lead by rabbits.

"Is that bird poo on your face?" You asked. It looked like the poor guy forgot that there were things such as washing and taking care of one's self.

"Well, yes of course!" The man whistled and two little sparrows came flying towards him. He lifted his hat and they sat on his hair, which was transformed into a nest. "But you didn't answer my question. Who are you?"

"I am (y/n)," you said. "Who might you be?"

"I am Radagast the Brown," the man said. "Are you supposed to be somewhere? You look lost to me,"

"You looked right," You said. Radagast? That name rung a faint bell.. "I don't know where I am,"

"All right then, hop on," Radagast made space for you on his rabbit sled. "I'll bring you to someone who can help you more than I can,"

"Who said I needed-" You were cut off by the sled bouncing over various bumps. For a sled pulled by rabbits, the thing was going damn fast.

Radagast was not really a talker, so you were quiet most of the way. You organised your thoughts. If you were right about that you had landed in the book The Hobbit, then the best way to stay save was probably looking for Gandalf. He'd probably know what to do.

"There we are!" The sled jerked to a sudden stop. "The man you wished to find is around that hill,"

You jumped off. "But I didn't wish to find anyone-" You watched as Radagast went back into the forest.

You were in an open field, with some willows and here and there some small ponds. You wandered a little, walking in the direction of the hill. When you reached and you walked around the hill, you stood in front of one of the biggest willows. Underneath, there was a grey shadow.

"I've been expecting you for some time," The shadow said.

"I am sorry, but do I know you?" You said. The figure stepped out of the shadows. It was Gandalf the Grey.

"I think you do," Gandalf smiled. "I am glad you came, (y/n)."

"How do you know me, and how did you know I would come?" You asked.

"I had a vision about you. You are not an ordinary human being, all might you think so. I called you here because I need your help,"

Gandalf? Needing your help? Was this even real? You pinched yourself just to be sure. "So you are the one that put the powder in my book.. Why would you want my help?"

"I will tell you everything, but lets get inside first. You must be hungry, and thirsty." Gandalf replied. "You will be the first and the last person to see my house,"

When you arrived at Gandalf's house (which looked like you would expect of a wizards home: small, cozy and very, very messy), Gandalf told you.

"When I paid Lord Elrond a visit around 3 months ago, they were working on a special powder that could travel though books. Lord Elrond trusted me with the prototype, and asked me to keep it save. Only I am not a wizard if I don't try things, so here you are. The powder worked." Gandalf paused for a moment. "I need you to help Bilbo Baggins."

"Help him with what?" You asked.

"I need you to convince him, and you know what for," Gandalf replied.

"So you mean that I need him to come on the adventure," You said. Gandalf nodded. "Why me though? Oh well, I have the feeling I will find out soon.." You said to yourself. You turned to Gandalf. "Under one condition; I am going with,"

Gandalf smiled. He knew you were gonna ask that. He had once been in your world, when he was searching for a perfect travelling companion for the hobbit. He had found you, lonely and broken, with only a single friend and a dozen of books. He had recognized you immediately. He knew you were ready for the journey, to find out who you really were.

"Of course," He assured you. "I will write you a short story that will bring you back to your treehouse. Get the things you need and then read this..." He handed you two pieces of paper. "I'll be waiting for you right here!"

You couldn't believe your ears. You were going on an adventure!

"Thank you so much! I will be as quick as lightning! I promise!" You said happily. Gandalf handed you the two pieces of paper to read. You started immediately.

"In a small forest there was a little treehouse. A chest full of books and hand made bench-bed made it very cozy. One day, a girl climbed-"

A bright light shone in Gandalf's eyes. When it was gone, you were gone too.

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