Camerons little Sister

Carter Dallas is Cameron Dallas' little 16 year old sister. Nash and her have been best friends since Cameron introduced them, Nash and Carter start to develop feelings for one another. What happens when Carter joins MAGCON and sparks another love interest with the 'bad boy'? Does Cameron approve? Carter is what you can say teenage boy crazy, what happens when she has a liking for the 'innocent one'? The Best Friend, The Bad Boy, & the Innocent.


2. leaving

-Time Skip-

Mom stop it..,I'll be fine Nash & Cam will take care of me.." I laughed pushing her off me in a joking matter. "I'm sorry honey.., I'll just miss you.." My mom said wiping a tear from her eye. She had come to the air port before I left to go to MAGCON. "I know mom it's'll see me and Cameron when we get back.." I smiled. "It's not that..,you'll be with 11-12 hormonal teenage boys..." My mom sobbed. "Mom, one there's LOX and two, I don't like any of the MAGCON boys, except as brothers.." I smiled. "Mmmhmm" Cameron mumbled about the last part sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and gave my mom a hug as I walked to our plane holding hands with Nash. "Crap! Nash where did Hayes go to?" Cameron asked Nash looking around. "Hey!!!!!!!! Does you got a bae?" Hayes suddenly slid on his knees towards me with a rose in his hand. "Well, well the little flirts stepping up his game.." I smiled. He handed me the rose, he was hot for being two years younger then me, but still. I took the rose from his hand and put it in between my teeth as I took a selfie with Hayes. "Your adorable Hayes, this is so going on Instagram!" I laughed posting it. I grabbed Nash, and my brothers hands as we enter the plane. I was so paranoid of flying in a plane, but I had to. I handed Nash my carry on and he put it up for me. "I'm scared.." I said buckling up. I held on to Hayes who sat to the left of me and Nash on the right, Cameron got the window seat. Nash wrapped his arm around me as the plane started lifting off. "Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap!" I whispered nervously. Hayes kissed me on the cheek lightly and I smiled holding his hand. We finally got up in the air and I relaxed a bit. "Wanna watch a movie?" Nash asked me. I nodded as I shakily clicked on the planes TV's in the back, "Yeah TFIOS."

I ended up falling asleep in Nash's arm.

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