Camerons little Sister

Carter Dallas is Cameron Dallas' little 16 year old sister. Nash and her have been best friends since Cameron introduced them, Nash and Carter start to develop feelings for one another. What happens when Carter joins MAGCON and sparks another love interest with the 'bad boy'?
Does Cameron approve? Carter is what you can say teenage boy crazy, what happens when she has a liking for the 'innocent one'?
The Best Friend, The Bad Boy, & the Innocent.


1. Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction

**Carters point of view

"No, Cameron don't." I heard a whisper, and I stirred for a moment before sleep overthrew me again.

"She won't even feel it Nash- SMACK CAM!!"

I jolted awake to feel a cold yet burning sensation on the left side of my face, I opened my eyes to see Cameron standing over me a phone in one hand, and a shaving cream smeared hand.

"Damn right I'm about to 'SMACK CAM!'" I yelled at him, trying to swat at him, as he ended a vine. "Cameron you jerk!" I said wiping it off of my face, and flicking the remains onto the ground.

His laughs were all that I could hear for a moment as I just rolled my eyes, I glanced in the corner and saw a chuckling Nash. "Nashty, you were in on it too?"

He just gave me the sweet but obvious 'bitch please' look. "You already know it was all Cameron." He shrugged, tapping away on his phone. "Thanks for defending me, best friend. Yes, I now used the term best friend loosely." I pretended to huff, as he just rolls his eyes at me, but it's followed by a sweet smile.

"Okay Carter just get dressed and meet me in the kitchen." Cameron said glancing back and forth in between me and Nash. "I'll see you in a few minutes Nashty, and Asswipe." I faked a smile, glaring at Cameron, as they walked out of my room.

"What idiots..." I chuckled to myself, before leaving my warm bed and trudging to my dresser. I picked out my Nirvana: Live at the Reading crop, and black skinny jeans. After I quickly stripped and slid on my new clothes, I laced up my black and white converse, snatched my phone off the nightstand, and got ready to face the two losers I call my best friend and my brother.

I opened my bedroom door, and walked half way down the hallway before I realized...

"REVENGE..." I chuckled to myself unlocking my phone, and opening my vine. I stealthily walked into the kitchen undetected and 3, 2, 1! I screamed from behind the wall, causing Cameron to jump, and scream like a little bitch. Nash and I instantly busted out laughing and I finished the vine posting it immediately with the caption: "Wow, are we sure I don't have two older sisters?"

Nash let out a loud laugh before a loud CRASH!

He was on the floor in a tipped chair causing me to laugh even more, "N-Nash, are y-you okay?" I tried to ask without choking on my laughs. "Ow! No, help me up Carter." He said in a whine. I walked on the other side of the counter where the victim, Nash, was. I reached my hand out, and he took it... pulling me right on top of him.

"Really Nash?" I giggled, putting one of my hands on each side of his face. "Okay, you two we've had our fun, but quit flirting." Cameron scolded, making a disgusted face. I don't think he was faking that time.

"Woah! Woah! We are just friends. That would never happen." I immediately jumped from my position, Nash quickly following me. "What? I thought I was your bae." Nash said deciding to turn the situation into a joke, so I played along. "Nope, I already have a bae." I smirked. "WHO?!" They asked in unison. "Luke Hemmings from 5SOS!" I announced with a proud grin.

"Wow, 5 sauce? Like barbecue, or ranch?" Nash attempted at a continuation of the joke but it just went down a really lame road. "Nice try Nashty." I giggled at his joke. "Whatever, but I really do have to talk to you Carter." Cameron just ignored our childish behavior, and so I realized it must have been important.

"Yeah?" I asked him, directing my full attention to him. "Okay, so we're leaving for Magcon in a week." He stated. "Oh...that soon?" I asked, a bit disappointed that I would lose both my brother and best friend for three months. "Yeah, but don't be so upset." He said simply. "But whyyyy? You know I'll miss you, you loser." I whined, wrapping an arm around his waist and burying my face in his chest.

"Because...YOUR COMING WITH US!!!" He shouted, and I looked up at him completely speechless and shocked. "I talked to Bart yesterday, and he agreed with me. You post vines, your extremely popular. You'd be perfect."

"CAMERON IM SORRY I CALLED YOU A JERK! I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!!!" I shouted, hugging him tightly as a sudden realization came over me. "I have to pack! Nash, come with me!" I said pulling away from Cameron and beginning to run down the hall. "Your so cute." Nash chuckled following me to my room.

I ran in an excited panic to my room and jumped onto my bed so hard, that I bounced right off and hit my ass on the ground. Nash just laughed, "Are you okay this time?"

I nodded, rubbing my butt. As we both shared an awkward look before busting into laughter. I got off my sore butt and grabbed the biggest suitcase I owned at packed it with essentials that would last three months. After about an hour Nash and I had finished packing my things and we both laid down on my bed. "That was actually really exhausting." Nash said, "You have WAY too much stuff."

"I do not. Your just a buzzkill. Now cuddle with me." I said wrapping my arms around his waist. "Okay." He said, and without hesitation his arms were wrapped on my waist pulling me into a spoon. "I might fall asleep." I whispered, "Go ahead babe, I've got you. You'll be protected." He said, as he interlaced our fingers. dark, darker, darker....sleep.


Alright this is the first chapter of the edited version I hope that you have enjoyed it.

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