Camerons little Sister

Carter Dallas is Cameron Dallas' little 16 year old sister. Nash and her have been best friends since Cameron introduced them, Nash and Carter start to develop feelings for one another. What happens when Carter joins MAGCON and sparks another love interest with the 'bad boy'?
Does Cameron approve? Carter is what you can say teenage boy crazy, what happens when she has a liking for the 'innocent one'?
The Best Friend, The Bad Boy, & the Innocent.


12. 9

Chapter 9

I woke up, sweating. I looked up to see my surroundings, I saw a sleeping Taylor. "Babe, you okay?" Taylor asked turning over in his bed, I glanced down at my blank wrist. "What happened?" I asked putting my face in my palms. "Well Shawn hit you, and you passed out for a while, so I brought you back here." He said pulling me closer. "But, there was a video." I shook my head, confused, "What video?"

It was so real, "Shawn, Nash, and you." I whispered, tears falling down my cheeks. "Taylor, Shawn kissed me, and I kissed back." I bit my lip, looking at Taylor who sits up. He flicked on the light, and just stared blankly. "Tay, I pushed him off, and that's why he hit me, but I don't know why I kissed back, and I had this weird dream. I don't know what it means but I think we need to break up." I said breaking the eye contact and staring at my fidgeting hands. "Babe, no. I don't care if you kissed Shawn, Carter, please don't." Taylor grabbed my hand. "Tay, I love you, but I have to go, I'm sorry." I said getting out of his bed, he soon jumped out as well. "Cart, please. Why are you doing this?"

"I'm just confused, okay. I love you Taylor, but I kissed Shawn back, and Nash- never mind, your just better off." I said slipping on my low-top converse. "Seriously, your breaking up with me, at 11:47 pm. When we kissed out by the pool, that was the exact time. I know this because I'm in love with you Carter." Taylor said scratching his neck chuckling sadly, looking at his clock. "Taylor. Just stop please." I said grabbing my bag and my phone. "Can I give you a ride at least?" Taylor said grabbing his keys pulling on a pair of pants. "Fine. Take me to Nash's please." I looked down at my feet in tears. I walked down stairs, dreading every step. Taylor grabbed my hand, and we said nothing as we got into his car.

"Babe. Why?" Taylor started the car, and looked over at me, tears spilling from his eyes. "Taylor, I already told you." I said harshly, drawing my attention to my phone.

To: Sierra❤️

From: lil-sis💕

Si, I don't know what to do anymore, please help me.

From: Sierra❤️

To: lil-sis💕

What's up?

From: lil-sis💕

To: Sierra❤️

Call me.

My phone rang, RWYA. Until I finally answered.

S: hello?

C: Hey, i need help.

S: go for it sis.

C: well I was dating Taylor Caniff.

S: THE almost 20 year old!!!!!!!!

C: yes, but then I went to see Shawn. And he kissed me.

S: did you kiss back?

C: yes, that's my problem.

S: cart, look if your caught in some love triangle just drop it now, okay, I don't have time for this crap.

The line then went dead...why was I alone? No one understood.

"Babe. We're a block away, please stay." Taylor said grabbing my hand. He pulled off to the side of the road, letting all of the headlights of busy cars pass us. "Look Taylor, I can't I am so confused. I thought I loved you but if I did I wouldn't be feeling the way I am." I sighed looking up at him. I have never seen him cry, and it scared me. His expression changed suddenly to anger, as he slammed his hands against the steering wheel. "Tay, please." I said flinching, "look I'll walk, okay?"

I opened the door as Taylor spoke up, "F*ck you!"

I was taken back by his words until he pulled me back in the car. "F*ck you Carter, your the one girl I actually love in this entire world, you took the game out the f*cking player." He swerved back into the road almost hitting a car, as he turned then corner to go to Nash's. I stayed silent just clutching my bag tightly, until we pulled up Nash's house. "Tay, I-" I began, and he pulled my neck to him until our lips were close enough to touch. "I love you to." He said letting go of my neck. I closed the door as I saw Taylor throw a small box out of the window as he sped off. I dropped my bag, with a scream, and I fell to my knees in tears, I collected myself enough to grab the box.

I opened it and a note fell out:

Hey babe. If your reading this, then it means I've finally gotten the balls to tell you, I love you. And so I thought that I would get you this promise ring, shit I sound like a total loser. I got you this promise ring because I love you. I love you, I've said it 100 times in this letter, and I'll tell you a thousand more. I love you. -Taylor ps. Show any of the guys this. You're dead.

I looked to see a beautiful diamond ring with our initials engraved on the side. "I love you too." I whispered to myself shutting the box. "Carter, babe is that you?" I hear Nash call from his doorstep. I grabbed my bag, and ran to him, as he held me in his arms. "Taylor, and I aren't together, because I kissed Shawn, and I like you a lot, and I'm confused. But I found this." I said everything just pouring out as I dropped the box in Nash's hand. "When were you and Taylor ever together?"

Taylor's POV

I sped off throwing my promises literally out the window. So she cheats on me, and I'm the bad guy. F*ck to think I actually loved her, I'm just wasting my time from now on I'm the old Taylor, I'm never getting tied down again.

Cameron: Hey, do you know where Cass is? I'm getting worried.

Taylor: Just dropped her off at Nash's never want to see her again.

Cameron: what the f*ck did you do now?

Taylor: me? Ask your sister? She's the one who didn't want to tell you we were dating for a year.


I turned off my phone and threw it in the backseat. "How could I fall for it?" I chuckled turning the corner heading directly back to the hotel. Shawn ruined my life, now I'll have to ruin his. I actually loved her!! I sped as fast as I could trying to get to the hotel. I swear I almost hit 10 cars. I pulled up to the hotel, shoving past screaming girls, and storming up the stairs. I walked down the familiar hallway, to Shawn's room.

I drew my hand to the door and knocked loudly. I heard scrambles, and then a shirtless Shawn came running to the door, unlocking it and opening it. "Hey, Taylor. Look I'm so-" I cut him off by giving him a blow to the jaw, and then one to the head. I blacked out, all I did was punch and punch, tears escaping my eyes every time.

"Shhh, Taylor I swear if my brother catches us." Carter giggled jumping out of her window into my arms. "He won't. Don't you trust me?" I smiled setting her in the freshly wet grass. "Obviously, you idiot." She giggled grabbing my hand, as we ran to my car. She hopped in, the moonlight glistening on her skin. "Why are you looking at me like that, when you could be starting the damn car?" She laughed kissing my cheek. "Well, if you weren't so beautiful I wouldn't have to look at you all the time." I said finally starting the car. She giggled and took my red bandana off my head and tying her silky brown hair into it.

I love this girl, I really do.

I opened my eyes to see a bloody Shawn lying on the floor. "Taylor, I never stopped loving her." He said spitting out blood, "I never will either, and you can beat me up again."

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