Camerons little Sister

Carter Dallas is Cameron Dallas' little 16 year old sister. Nash and her have been best friends since Cameron introduced them, Nash and Carter start to develop feelings for one another. What happens when Carter joins MAGCON and sparks another love interest with the 'bad boy'?
Does Cameron approve? Carter is what you can say teenage boy crazy, what happens when she has a liking for the 'innocent one'?
The Best Friend, The Bad Boy, & the Innocent.


11. 8-

Chapter 8-

I looked down at my phone to see a link called-

Magcon Whore-

I opened it up to see a video:


Me: Taylor stop it, stop.

Taylor: Carter, calm down no one is around.

Me: fine, but if Cam finds out-

Taylor kissed me violently, as I rolled on top of him in the back of his car. You hear giggles of two girls from behind the camera, "what a whore." One of them said ending it.

As if that wasn't enough, and another video popped in, "Oh my gosh Lilly!!! It's Carter and Shawn!!" I heard screams. Then I realized it was a video of the first time I had kissed Shawn. "What a whore!!!!!" Someone cried. Then another video popped up, Nash and I were holding hands and he kissed my cheek but I pecked his lips. "What a whore." A girl said from behind the camera.

Is that really what these girls thought about me?

I shut off my phone, and he wrapped his arms around me. "Babe, it's not true it's just what some jealous girls said." Taylor said pecking my lips. "What if Cameron sees this." I whimpered into his chest. Then my phone buzzed again, @CarterDallas #magconwhore @CameronDallas you must be proud. Link-

"Tay, please just take me to your place." I said wiping my face. "Of course baby." He said picking me up. He carried me out into the lobby where he set me down, there was several photographers, and screaming girls. "Look it's Taylor and Carter!!" One screamed. "MAGCON WHORE MAGCON WHORE MAGCON WHORE!!!!!" They all began to chant, as Taylor lead me through the crowd. "Shut the f*ck up! She's crying!" One girl yelled, no one payed any attention.

I tightened my grip on Taylor's hand as we were chased to his car, "MAGCON WHORE! MAGCON WHORE MAGCON WHORE!"

I slid into the passengers as Taylor started the car. He held his hand out, as I slid mine into his, "Babe, you okay?"

I nodded as my phone buzzed, @CarterDallas just wait for next year at digitour change the hashtags #DigiWhore.

@CarterDallas is such a slut glad she quit magcon early, we didn't see her ugly ass as much

@TaylorCaniff Careful, @CarterDallas might have diseases

I turned off my phone as tears started to pour, "Tay, why do you even like me?"

"Babe, is that even a question? Your gorgeous, you have a wonderful personality, and great boobs." He laughed. "Really?" I laughed covering my chest with my cardigan. "Well, you do but I LOVE you because you are you. And you are NOT a whore, your perfect." He smiled as he pulled up to his apartment. "So I have a question for you." Taylor asked opening the car door. "Yes, baby?" I looked up at him taking his hand. "Well, since your 18 in a 3 weeks, I wanted to know if you wanted to move in with me."

I looked at him silent, I just pulled him into a kiss. Our tongues collided, and fought for dominance, "Carter..." He mumbled into the kiss, he pulled me on his lap and began kissing my neck. "Babe, Netflix and chill??" I giggled, as I bit his lip. My hands tangled in his hair, as he just mumbled into my neck. I arched back so he can find my sweet spot, but me being an idiot, forgot there was steering wheel and honked the horn.

"Baby.." He laughed, holding me close, trying to contain his laughter. "Well that killed the mood, didn't it?" I said laughing into his chest. "No, we can continue this inside." He laughed leaving sweet little pecks on my neck. "Tay, now your being sweet. Your not being sexy." I pouted, "Oh, sorry," he winked sucking on my neck. "MAGCON WHORE!" I heard a yell from outside the car. "Taylor what the f*ck is that?"

I climbed off of him pushing the car door open. Rows upon rows, upon rows, upon rows, of girls and cars lined his fence. Every Girl was either chanting or holding a sign that reminded me just what I was in their eyes. I looked at Taylor before looking at the ground, tears swelling in my eyes. "Babe The-" I walked away before he could finish, I ran into the house and up the stairs. I let out loud sobs to fill the silence, I dragged myself to his bathroom, locking myself in.

"Look at you Carter, no wonder they call you a whore." I looked at my smeared lipstick and messed up clothes. "That's all you are." I rummaged through his drawers pulling out his razors. I glanced between the razor and my wrist for about a minute or so before dragging it along my skin. I was so new to the metallic feeling it burned. "Carter?" I heard Taylor, but ignored, and continued to draw the lines down my arm. I looked down at my masterpiece--- to spell out: Magcon Whore. That's exactly what I was. I collapsed to the ground the blade sliding across the floor. My vision grew blurry, and all I remember was Taylor's face, and screams. "Tay, I love y-"

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