Camerons little Sister

Carter Dallas is Cameron Dallas' little 16 year old sister. Nash and her have been best friends since Cameron introduced them, Nash and Carter start to develop feelings for one another. What happens when Carter joins MAGCON and sparks another love interest with the 'bad boy'?
Does Cameron approve? Carter is what you can say teenage boy crazy, what happens when she has a liking for the 'innocent one'?
The Best Friend, The Bad Boy, & the Innocent.


5. 3

I huffed at Taylor before turning around, and storming back into the hotel room. I had an agitated look on my face as I walked in. "Are you okay?" Nash asked. I instantly smiled at him, "Perfect" I mumbled. I sat on Nash's lap and wrapped my legs around him. "Taylor what the hell do you have on your lips?" Carter asked. I panicked, did my lipstick come off on his lips? "Probably nothing it's okay.." I blew it off. "It looks like lipstick.." Carter argued. "Shut up Carter.." I frowned. Nash looked at me strangely as I was blushing. I could feel my cheeks heat up, "Carter, can I talk to you?" Nash asked me. "Sure Thang.." The other Carter said. "He was talking to me..and yes." I stated. Nash pulled me into the bathroom instead of outside the hotel room. "Did you kiss Taylor?" Nash asked. I sheepishly nodded as I began to fidget with my hands. "Why?!" Nash practically yelled. "Because, he told me..he told me.." I stuttered. "Told you what?" Nash asked. "He told me that he would tell me who had a crush on me if I kissed him.." I breathed out. "D-did he t-tell you?" Nash gulped and stuttered nervously. "Yes..he told was..Hayes!" I rushed out nervous to tell the truth. "Oh.." Nash breathed relieved. I grabbed his arm as we walked out, because we heard yelling.

Taylor's POV

"Did you kiss her?!" Cam asked infuriated. "No! In all honesty she kissed me." I smirked. "You both literally broke the law!" Cameron yelled. "It was a two second kiss calm down!!" I yelled back trying to get him calm. Cameron took a punch at me but I dodged it before another one hit me in the eye. "Ow! Cameron!" I yelled holding my eye. "Cameron!!!" I heard Carter (Dallas, sorry it's hard to tell with one so now I will spell the MAGCON boy Cartah) yell. She put her arm on my shoulder as she turned me around to look at my eye. "You kissed him!!" Cameron yelled. "I didn't want to! But if I kissed him he would tell me my crush's name." She blushed. "Who did he say?" Cameron asked. "Na-" I started but she cut me off. "Hayes! He said Hayes, I already knew that, that's why I was so mad when I came in.." She lied. "Fine but if I find out there is anything between you guys he's dead!!" Cameron yelled leaving the hotel room. I turned to face the rest of the boys who were quiet. "I didn't say Hayes.." I spoke. "Just leave me alone Taylor!" She screamed. I backed away out the door.

Carters POV

I locked myself in the bathroom, for about an hour now. "Carter please come out." Nash said leaning up against the door. "No.." I bitterly said sounding like I was 5. I have a habit of being extremely childish, sew me. "I'm gonna bust down the door in 5,4,3,2,..." Nash counted until I finally opened it. "What?" I asked. "Well, for one the show starts in an hour and second, what's the matter?" Nash asked. "Are you deaf and blind? Did you not understand what happened?" I rolled my eyes. Nash shrugged and took my hand as I pulled him into the bathroom again. "Cameron Hates me, Taylor's a jerk and player, and I love you.." I sighed. "Wait, you what?" Nash asked. "Nothing.." I stuttered. "I have to get ready for the show.." I said. I pulled my suitcase in as I realized all the boys had left and were downstairs. Nash changed in the room as I change in the bathroom. I changed into a green day tank top with the sides and back cut, with short shorts, black knee high socks and converse. I pulled a beanie over my straight hair and applied lipgloss & mascara. "Ready.." I called stepping out. Nash was only in his boxers when I walked in, "sorry Nash.." I said covering my eyes. "It's okay..what should I wear?" He asked. "Your black skinny jeans, black & white stripped shirt, and your black jacket." I smiled. "That's why we are perfect for each other" Nash mumbled hugging me. "Uh Nash, don't hug me until your dressed.." I giggled. "Right, so I'll meet you downstairs?" Nash asked. I smiled as he softly kissed my cheek as I left. I walked down the hallway and turned the corner when I ran into a hard chest. "Sorry.." I said as I looked up to see Shawn. "It's okay..I was just on my way to the show.." Shawn said. "Me too.." I blushed. "Uh, then your going the wrong way, fallow me.." Shawn laughed. "So I heard you in the car, you have a beautiful voice, would you mind doing a duet with me tonight?" Shawn asked. "I would love too Shawn.." I smiled giving his a kiss on the cheek as we walked down the stairs. "Hey!! Wait up!!" Nash yelled as he ran to us. He slung his muscular arm over my shoulder and Shawn stood away from me slightly. "It's your first show babe, you nervous?" Nash asked me. "As nervous as WeeklyChris.." I giggled. (Vine joke sorry if you don't get it..) Nash laughed as we finally reached the first floor. There were about 50 security guards holding back about 300 fans so far and that was before the show started. We were pushed into a back room by security guards where everyone was. "Hey Cam." I said. "Hi" he mumbled looking only at his phone. I rolled my eyes as I sat on an empty couch. "So Shawn what song do you want to sing?" I asked him. "I was thinking Life of The Party, Then-" Shawn said but got cut off by Jack J. "Then she's gonna sing, Tides with us.." Jack smiled. "I love tides I also want to know if you can rap mac millers part in The Way by Ariana Grande, then we can duet too." I smiled. "Okay show starts in 2 minutes get out on that stage!!" Bart yelled. We all got in a line and I grabbed Shawn's hand, as we went on stage.

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