Dirty Detention // Tristan Taylor Yu-Gi-Oh!

Tristan Taylor




You can't tell me,
You don't feel for him.


1. Chapter 1

Alina's P.O.V

I was running to class. Bugger. I'm going to be late! I thought too myself. My classroom was right down the hall. I'm going to make it! I thought, running, running, runn-. BANG. I crashed to the floor, I heard a loud thud after I hit the ground. I looked up, ready to scream. Tristan!

I automatically stopped being furious, and smiled. "Are you okay Alina?" He asked me, taking my hand to help me up. I nodded, and looked at my watch. Shit, I'm late. "Where are you off to?" Tristan said, still holding my hand.

"I was off to Maths class," I said sheepishly. Me and Tristan are best friends, people always give me and him glares when we're together, make rumours, I'm used to it, it doesn't phase us if I'm honest.

"Ah, Math, how... Fun," Tristan smiled.

"How about you?" I said, picking my bag up off the floor.

"History." I nodded. I saw Joey walking up, he's in my Maths class!

"Hey Alina! Tristan!" Joey called. Tristan looked at the floor and waved to me with a half smile. Joey wrapped his arm around me playfully, I smiled thinking about Tristan, lately I've been feeling for him, in more ways than a friend, but we've been friends for years.

"This is it," I said, my hand on the classroom doorknob. I twisted it, then walked it. "I'm sorry I'm late Ms Swan," I said as soon as I walked in.

"Why are you late?" The teacher snapped, I kicked Joey in the shin sneakily.

"Joey fell over on our way so I took him to the nurse," I replied quietly. Joey hobbled to his seat where Ms Swan diss-missed us falling for my lie.

After class I walked with Joey to the lunch table that Yugi, Téa, Tristan, Joey and I always sat. I saw Tristan pushing his food around his plate looking sad. He looked up to see me and smiled pushing his plate away.

"Hi Alina! How was Math class?" Tristan said watching Joey getting something to eat. I shrugged and Tristan frowned. "Are you going to eat anything?" He asked me. I shook my head and pulled out a bottle of water gesturing a drink to him. Tristan shook his head smiling.

"I'm just drinking water for a while, I'm trying too loose weight," I shrugged. Tristan looked mad.

"Alina, your borderline as it is, stop!" Tristan said.

"Thanks Tristan, but, I'll be find, a few pounds and I'll be okay," I said, smiling.

Joey walked with his food to the table, Yugi and Téa following behind. "What's up Tristan looks like your going to cry," Joey said looking concerned, I looked down taking a drink if water.

While everyone was eating I stared at Tristan who had his head down on the desk, being still, I thought he'd fell asleep until he looked up at me with red eyes. Oh bugger I thought. "Tristan..." I said putting my hand on his. He pulled his hand away and stood up quickly. Then out of nowhere...

"CAN YOU NOT SEE I LOVE YOU ALINA?" Tristan screamed storming off clenched fists. Téa, Joey and Yugi all looked at me mouths wide. My heart dropped, Tristan loves me?

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