Accidents Happen

It started off as a way to get back at the Gryffindors. He was the Slytherin that they chose to do the job. So he did the job. But he was never meant to fall in love.


1. Love and Texting

I see love almost like I see texting. You text some one, but they don't text back. You wait for their answer, but it never comes. But if they do reply, good for you, your life obviously better than mine. But I don't text. And I don't love. Love is for family members only, and your friends. And because I have so many siblings, I love a lot of people. But I don't love other people in that way. I never have. Mamma says it's because I'm afraid of getting heartbroken. But really, I don't even think I should be loving someone. I'm only fifteen after all. But most of the people in school don't agree with me. The sluts in school are always with their boyfriends, telling them they love them. Then next week, they're doing the same thing but with a different boy. It bothers me that a person could do that to someone, I want to yell at them that they're stupid. And I want to yell at the ex boyfriends for falling under that girl's spell. They saw it coming, they walked right into a trap. They knew she would throw them away when the next boy came along. Ha ha, look at me. I'm being all deep with the stuff I've never experienced. Well... I guess I really don't have anything else to do. I really don't have anything to do.
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