Back Home Again

Jaycie Webber has outlived a tragedy. Her mother was killed when Jaycie was only 6 years old, leaving Jaycie nothing but a silver locket. Jaycie has tried to move on, a new family, new town. But when that family wants to move back to the busy city Jaycie came from, her life is turned upside down. And then there's Kaleb. Her best friend, but possibly more? And Connor. Could there be something between them too? Is magic real? Is it fake? Read to find out Jaycie's adventure Back Home in Back Home Again
© Copyright Kailyn Luyben all rights reserved.


5. She was Amazing

    I needed a day. Just one day. A day to think, dream, and hope that everything was not what it seemed. My mom. Kaleb. I needed to think about it all. First off, did Kaleb really fancy me? Or did Alli get it wrong? Alli wasn’t one to lie, so she must really think so, but I’m not sure I can agree. No one else thinks that, right? No, no he can’t. He doesn’t. With that, I started to think about my mom. Suddenly, there was a knock at my door. “Who is it?” I called. “Me, Elliot,” said Ellie. “Come in Ellie,” I yelled. Elliot walked in with her new gray dress on. Her black hair was pulled back with a headband, making her bangs the center of attention. “Jaycie, can I ask you a question?” she asked. “Of course, anything Ellie,” I replied. In a small, shy voice, she asked, “Do you miss her? Your mom I mean?” What kind of question was that? Of course I missed my mom! Why does she think I had been in my room for the past three days, waking up with horrific nightmares? Was this a joke? But as I looked into Ellie’s eyes, I realized that it wasn’t. She thought I was waking up and screaming and staying cooped up in my room out of fear. She thought I was horrified to do anything. I was horrified. I realized something- I hadn’t been showing love for my mom, I’d been showing fear that she ever existed. Ellie was genuinely concerned for me. As I got ready to lie and tell Ellie that everything was fine, the face of my mother’s made me come clean. “I am horrified Ellie,” I said in tears. “I miss my mom so much it hurts. I relive her death every night. Honestly, I just want to forget about it all, about her, about all the house workers I played with and loved. I don’t even know how it’s possible that I’m the only one who survived. I mean, most of it is a blur. My mom told me to get to safety, I heard her scream, the house was set on fire, and I started running so that the evil people wouldn’t find me.” I was crying now, and Elliot looked like she wanted to comfort me, but had no idea how to. Just then, my door opened. In came Kaleb. “Jaycie, are you okay?” he asked. I wiped the tears from my face and faced the window. “Yea I’m fine,” I replied, “I uh- yea- I’m fine. “That’s a lie. Ellie, leave J alone,” said Kaleb. “No. You aren’t the boss of me. Besides, I am making Jaycie feel better,” Said Elliot. “No you’re not. You’re making it worse. Leave her alone,” replied Kaleb. “Kaleb, let her stay,” I told him, now facing him instead of out the window. “Did ya hear that Kaleb? She said I can stay. At least I care enough to try and make her feel better, unlike you,” said Ellie. For a moment Kaleb looked hurt. Ellie had crossed the line. “Fine!” yelled Kaleb before going downstairs. Ellie and I were both startled. For the 10 years I’d been here and for the 5 that Elliot had, we had never, ever, heard Kaleb yell. “So Jaycie,” said Ellie, “what was she like?” I was confused for a moment, but suddenly realized that Elliot was talking about my mom. “She was sweet and caring. She was soft spoken, never raised her voice. She had steady hands, could sew anything. She was a great listener. She really was amazing,” I said. Just naming that, I realized how much I missed her. I really did. Ellie helped me realize that my mother wasn’t something to fear, but something to celebrate.

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