Back Home Again

Jaycie Webber has outlived a tragedy. Her mother was killed when Jaycie was only 6 years old, leaving Jaycie nothing but a silver locket. Jaycie has tried to move on, a new family, new town. But when that family wants to move back to the busy city Jaycie came from, her life is turned upside down. And then there's Kaleb. Her best friend, but possibly more? And Connor. Could there be something between them too? Is magic real? Is it fake? Read to find out Jaycie's adventure Back Home in Back Home Again
© Copyright Kailyn Luyben all rights reserved.


3. A day with Elliot

After breakfast, I went up to my room to think. After about 10 minutes of that, a little hand knocked on the door. “Come in,” I said. I was surprised to see Elliot standing there. “Hey Ellie,” I said with a smile. “Hi Jaycie, uh can I ask you something?” “Of course Ellie, anything,” I said to her. “Can we have an Ellie + Jaycie day?” she asked with wide eyes. An Ellie + Jaycie day. When Ellie was little, to spend time with her I made up a thing called an Ellie Jaycie day. Once a month, Ellie and I would go to town and do anything of her choice. After a while, that turned into going to get our nails done, going and getting our hair done, and then going to a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner. We stopped having these when I turned 14 for some reason. Now that she has said it, I realize how much I really missed it. “Of course! When?” I asked, eager to spend time with Ellie. “Today,” she responded. Today. The anniversary of my mother’s death. The one of the death of the dozen or so people that worked in my house. Ellie was inviting me to do something fun on a day when all I would be doing otherwise is sitting in my room doing absolutely nothing but grieving. “Let’s do it,” I finally said. I loved Ellie. She was like a sister. She knew that I was sad, so she invited me to do something that she knew I would love. As I looked into Ellie’s eyes, I scared myself. Her brown eyes flashed with blue and her hair ever so slightly turned a little lighter, into a very dark brown. And for a second, and only one, I was looking into the smiling face of my mother.

  After I lied to Elliot that I was screaming because I thought I saw a spider, we left the house. We went to our favorite nail salon owned by a woman named Karen, who I have never met. Elliot got her nails painted blue and mine are green. Then went to our favorite hair salon, owned by a woman named Suzan. Suzan has very curly blonde & brown hair, light brown eyes, and too much red lipstick. She was very skinny, and she loved Elliot. When we got there, she hugged Elliot and gave her a free hair makeover. She put it into a nice updo and curled mine. Afterwards we went to a little clothing store, where I let Elliot pick out a new outfit. She picked a cute gray dress that was fitted at the waist and went just past her knees, and was short sleeved. She said she loved it because it was a blue-gray, like my eyes. She then picked out a Navy blue button down sweater with long sleeves for me. She said it complimented me. I am not much with fashion, so it was funny watching Elli ramble on and on about each piece. We paid for our new clothes and wore them out of the store, putting our old ones into the pink shopping bag they provided us. We then walked to a cute little Italian restaurant that both Ellie and I love. Ellie and I ordered a cheese pizza, both of us not being very fancy eaters. There was another thing that made me weird; I preferred cheese pizza over pepperoni. Finally, after stuffing our faces with crust, Ellie said, “So Jaycie, are ya havin’ fun?” That’s another thing I loved about being in this town. I loved the country accents. Kaleb didn’t have a very big one, but you could still hear it. Frank didn’t have an accent at all, he is French but didn’t have that accent either. Madelin had a major accent, so it was kind of funny. “I am having the best time ever” I said to Ellie with a smile. “Good! I miss hangin’ out with ya!” said Ellie. “Not as much as I do Ellie,” I said. And I meant it. Ellie and I never really get to hang out anymore, and I miss it. After an hour or so of talking, Ellie and I went home and got into bed.

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