Three hundred years ago, there was a fight. A fight that left the Earth ruined. Broken. Dead. Some believe it was global warming that started the dieses, others believe it was a science test gone wrong but no matter what they believe, they can’t change what happened. They can’t change the fact that children are lured towards the sun every twelve days. They can’t change the fact that strange animals prowl the streets, eating all the crops and attacking their homes. They can’t change the fact that some children’s eye colours change and they see things other can’t. They can’t change anything but they can keep it to a certain limit. They can make a drug to stop everybody going insane and fighting each other. They can make a wall, also known as a dome, to prevent children walking off towards their death and they can keep the strange animals outside their protective walls of the domes but can they really stop the chilldrens rebbelllious thoughts and visions or is that just a myth?


7. Chapter 7

"You could have got us killed!" Caleb steps forwards, finger raised at the Raven boy. "No scrap that, you nearly got us killed!" I stand to aside, chewing my fingernails as Jack shrugs.

"Wasn't my fault your sister here decided to take a ride with a Watcher." I laugh cruelly as they both turn on me.

"Oh, so now it's my fault that you blew that car up?" I snap and Jack shrugs. His eyes follow me as I pace the alleyway. Caleb grabs my upper arm.

"You didn't tell me he was a jerk. I wouldn't have told you to go see him if i knew." Caleb mutters. I glare up at him.

"You didn't listen." I spit. "I was trying to tell you." 

"Thanks. Appreciate that." Jack spits and I roll my eyes.

"So now what? We just wait here until the Watchers find us?" Jack raises his eyebrow and shakes his head.

"They won't find us." He says and he turns away. He looks up at the sky and shrugs. "It's going to rain. Follow me." I stay where I am, Caleb hesitating. Jack starts walking, not even looking behind. His Raven squawks and I remember the bird. I step back quickly and Caleb puts a hand out in front of me, glaring at the bird. I push him away.

"I don't need protecting. I'm fine. That bird won't hurt me. I know it." I lie and then nod over to the bird. "I'll cook it otherwise."

"If anybody lays a finger on my bird, it won't be the only thing cooking." Jack warns and glances over his shoulder. "Coming?" Caleb swears gently, thinks it through quickly and then nods. He starts walking and I raise my eyebrow.

"You trust him?"

"You don't?" I swallow hard.

"Louise," He interrupts me. "Shut up and trust someone for once. You might learnt something." He turns sharply and follows Jack. I glare after the boys before following after, sulking. 




Author note - sorry it is short :P I'll write more in a few minutes xx

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