Three hundred years ago, there was a fight. A fight that left the Earth ruined. Broken. Dead. Some believe it was global warming that started the dieses, others believe it was a science test gone wrong but no matter what they believe, they can’t change what happened. They can’t change the fact that children are lured towards the sun every twelve days. They can’t change the fact that strange animals prowl the streets, eating all the crops and attacking their homes. They can’t change the fact that some children’s eye colours change and they see things other can’t. They can’t change anything but they can keep it to a certain limit. They can make a drug to stop everybody going insane and fighting each other. They can make a wall, also known as a dome, to prevent children walking off towards their death and they can keep the strange animals outside their protective walls of the domes but can they really stop the chilldrens rebbelllious thoughts and visions or is that just a myth?


6. Chapter 6

Home. I’ve never been happier to see my house as we near my street. I don’t talk to Jack, angry at him for letting me get lost. Yes, I know I’m stubborn and all, but he could have at least tried to talk some sense into me. It’s his fault I got lost.

“Here we are.” I don’t even ask him how he knows where I live and storm past him. He smirks. “Goodnight, Small.”

“Go stuff yourself.” I shout at him and pull open my front door. I slam it in his face and then wince. Everybody has probably gone to sleep …

I creep forwards, just as the hallway light switches on and a worried face peers down. Caleb. He runs down in record time and scoops me into his arms. I gasp as he hugs me fiercely.

“OH my god. You’re so stupid! Why …? How …? What …” There’s too many questions on his mind as I pull away and look at him grimly.

“I’ll tell you tomorrow; I’m tired. Where’s mum and dad?” He bit his lip.

“Asleep. I told them you were staying at a friends house. I didn’t think you’d be home so quickly.”

“OH thanks.” He follows me into the kitchen and watches as I swing off my school bag and sling it onto the table. I grab an apple and bite into it as he bites his lip and watches me. Finally, I turn and shrug.

“What? Whatever it is, just say it. It’d be better if we let all our anger out on each other now before mum and dad realise I’m home.” I snap and look at him. He stares at me for a good few seconds before he shrugs.

“Why?” He asks blankly. “Why did you get lost? How …? I mean, how the hell did you get lost from the school gates? It’s only a fifteen minute walk!” I flinch as I remember what happened.

“We’re going to be here for ages. Might as well take a seat.” We do. “So, you know when you rudely pushed me out of the car? Yeah. It kind of started from there …”



The sun is bright. Blinding almost. Caleb pulls back the other curtain and inhales deeply before he turns round and throws my clothes at me.

“Louise! Get up! We’re going to Miss Fry’s house.” I groan and roll over, burying my head in my pillow. He swears gently. “Louise! UP!” He grabs his pillow and whacks me with it. I groan and roll back over.

“Why?” I moan. “Why now? Why today? Why ever? It could be a trick.” Caleb raises an eyebrow.

“She said you were in trouble and the Watcher tried to take you minutes after. I think she knows more than you do. If you go and speak to her, you’ll probably be safer. And smarter.” There it is again! An attack about how smart I am.

“Seriously? A few days ago, you were telling me about how smart I was and stuff about the stars and whatnot. Now you’re saying I’m dumb? Make up your mind!” I pull myself into a sitting position and glare at him. He rolls his eyes and then grins.

“No. You’re smart but you make some pretty stupid mistakes like getting lost in the middle of the night when you could have easily just asked Raven Boy to take you home.” I groan, roll my eyes and then signal for him to turn around so I can change. He does. I throw my clothes on quickly as I reply.

“Let it go already! It wouldn’t have happened if you would have jut given me a lift!” He grunts. “I’m done by the way.” He turns round, glaring hard.

“It wouldn’t have happen if you actually used your brain for once and wasn’t so stupid enough to run into trouble!” I stop, unable to do anything but narrow my eyes and glare at him with as much hatred as possible. It isn’t the words that hurt. I couldn’t care less what he thought of me but it’s the way that it came out of his mouth. That my own twin brother would say it about me. That he actually thinks I’m stupid.

I stand up straight and grab my bag from the side.

“You know what, I can walk.” I turn away sharply and he laughs cruelly.

“Ooh no you don’t. Not after what happened last night. You might run into wild bears or flying pigs for your bloody luck!” He flies down the stairs after me and just as I throw open the door, he grabs my arm. I yelp and try to pull away, still moving towards the pavement.

“Get off of me!” He doesn’t and shakes my arm hard.

“Stop wriggling around, Louise and get in the car!” He yells.

“No!” I try to fight him but he’s stronger than me. His arms circle round my waist and he lifts me clear off my feet. I attack, kicking and screaming for him to let me go. He doesn’t.

“CALEB! GET OFF OF ME!” He chucks me into the back of the car and slams the door. I’m out of the other door in seconds. He follows.


“NO!” He lunges at me and I’m just about to run when a black Raven soars down. I swear fluently as Caleb jumps back and struggles to get onto his fee but he’s too late. The Raven pounces on him. I’m about to throw myself forwards to help him when a hand grabs my arm.

“Small! You’ve got to leave! They’re coming for you! You’ve got to go now!” He pulls me back.

“No! My brother-“ I yell. I hear Caleb grunt as the Raven pecks at his head. He swears fluently.
“Shadow! Off!” Jack yells. The Raven stops almost instantly and hops backwards. I yank myself free and collapse on the ground beside Caleb, who’s holding his head in his hands.

“Caleb? Oh my gosh, are you ok?” He doesn’t respond, too busy moaning. I pull his hands away from his face and inspect him quickly. He has a nasty gash across his cheek and a handful, or in this instance, a beak-ful, of hair missing from the top of his head. I bite my tongue to stop from yelling at Jack and focus on getting him to look at me. “Caleb? Are you ok?” He pushes me away and looks up, confused.

“Who are you?” He demands at Jack. I wince as he looks over his shoulder and then bends down beside me.

“Look, we don’t have much time. Come with me if you want to-“ The Raven squawks and throws himself at me. I’m about to scream but then it’s beak closes around my top and he starts to frantically pull me away from Caleb. I can’t breathe as Jack suddenly swears and grabs Caleb.

“Get up!” He yells and then he’s running. I stop and stare at them, confused before the Raven squawks and pulls more frantically on my top. I don’t wait and sprint after them.

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