Three hundred years ago, there was a fight. A fight that left the Earth ruined. Broken. Dead. Some believe it was global warming that started the dieses, others believe it was a science test gone wrong but no matter what they believe, they can’t change what happened. They can’t change the fact that children are lured towards the sun every twelve days. They can’t change the fact that strange animals prowl the streets, eating all the crops and attacking their homes. They can’t change the fact that some children’s eye colours change and they see things other can’t. They can’t change anything but they can keep it to a certain limit. They can make a drug to stop everybody going insane and fighting each other. They can make a wall, also known as a dome, to prevent children walking off towards their death and they can keep the strange animals outside their protective walls of the domes but can they really stop the chilldrens rebbelllious thoughts and visions or is that just a myth?


5. Chapter 5

I stop and look around. I’m lost. I’ve never come down this ally way before …

“Jack?” I call. “Jack?” I’m met with silence. I swear gently. Where the hell could he go?

I turn and look around. Nothing. He’s just … disappeared.

A sudden screech of the Raven makes me turn round in record time. I spot him leaning against a dumpster, arms crossed across his body, his eyes narrowed at me. I try to calm my beating heart and cross my arms as well. I narrow my eyes at him as the Raven squawks at me.

“How could you be so stupid to get in a Watcher’s car?” He snaps. I glare at him.

“How did you find me?” I shoot back. He glares at me and then steps away from the shadows. He comes closer and I try not to flinch when he stops in front of me, taking me in.

“I asked first.” He spits. “How could you be so stupid –“

“I didn’t have a choice.” I cut him off, dismissively. “My stupid brother didn’t give me a ride home and we had a fight-“

“Yeah I know. I saw.” I stop and look at him, surprised. I narrow my eyes suddenly.

“You saw?” I spit. “What? Why were you watching me? How did you find me? How …? Wh-“

“Look Small,” I glare.

“My name isn’t-“

“You’re in trouble. Well, we both are but I’m smarter than you so I’m not in as much trouble. You on the other hand, you don’t know anything about this power do you?” I want to shout at him for calling me dumb but I don’t say anything. I shake my head, still glaring. “So you need help and being the nice man I am-“  I snort.
“Nice? Are you serious?” He ignores me.

“I’ve decided to help you.” He stops and looks at me closely. “And by the looks of things, you need lots of help.” I roll my eyes.

“I don’t even know you.” I point out and he shrugs.

“So? I don’t know a lot of people.” He replies bluntly. I stare, unable to reply. He expects me to trust him? He expects me just to drop everything and let him teach me about this gift?

I shake my head.

“No thanks. I’ll work it out on myself.” I turn and walk off, head held high. He chuckles behind me as I come face to face with a wall as I realise something. I don’t know where I am. The Watcher was taking me to the station. I could be anywhere in this dome. I’m lost.

“Do you even know the way back?” He chuckles. I grit my teeth harshly.

“I’ll find it.” I spit and I turn round, starting towards the other end of the ally way, not wanting to go back and face the dead Watcher and Caleb’s friend.

“Are you sure?” He asks, an eyebrow raised. I continue walking. Walking away from the person that could possible help me understand what’s going on.

Caleb’s going to kill me.



I’m still lost. I’ve been wandering out on the streets for hours now but I refuse to give into Raven Boy and let him show me how to get back. I continue to walk blindly through the streets.





My phone vibrates in my pocket and I answer it quickly. I stop and then look up at the darkening night.

“Louise? Where are you?” Caleb. I grit my teeth together.

“None of your business.” I snap. He groans on the other end of the line.

“Look, I’m sorry L. Can you just come home? I’ve had to lie to mum and dad and pretend that you’re at the library! Do you know how hard it was too get them to beleive me?” He grumbles. I bite my lip as I listen. “Can you just come back please. I’m sorry. I love you, L. I didn’t mean to yell at you.” Oh god … How do I explain what’s happened after he drove away.

“Um … Ur … That’s the thing … I can’t get home …” I mumble, quietly. There is no doubt that Raven Boy is watching from the shadows, grinning and entertained. I hate him and I’ve only met him twice.

“What do you mean you can’t get home? I only left you at school! You know the way home from there!” He yells into the phone. I wince.

“Yeah well, that’s the thing. I’m no longer at school. A Watcher tried to take me to prison but Raven Boy,” I raise my voice at the next bit. “who I know is listening!” I hear him chuckle and turn round. He stands there, grinning at me.

“You’re smart for a small.” He admits and I glare.

“My name isn’t Small!” I argue.

“Louise?” Caleb demands. “Who’s that talking?” I glare over at Jack, angrily.

“Raven Boy.”

“But you said you didn’t want to meet up again!” He points out. I grit my teeth.

“I didn’t have much choice. He followed me.” Jack raises his eyebrow as I glare at him. “Stalker.”

“Small.” I turn my back on him.

“Can’t you just come and get me?” I moan and he sighs on the other end.

“Where about are you?” I bite my lip and look around the strange neighbourhood.

“By a house.” I grumble, unhelpfully. He scoffs at me.

“Seriously? How did you get so lost?”

“She wouldn’t let me help her.” Jack says. I turn round, surprised. How can he hear what Caleb’s saying? His eyes sparkle at me. “Should have let me take you home when I offered.” I glare harder.

“Caleb,” I moan. “He’s annoying me!” Jack smirks but Caleb doesn’t take it too kindly on the other end of the phone.

“I don’t care. Tell him I said that if he even touches you, I’ll hunt him down and kill him. No exceptions.” I look over at Jack.

“You hear that? My brother will kill you if you keep annoying me!”  He shrugs and looks up at the sky.

“It’s getting dark; your parents will be getting worried. Let me take you back home.” He sighs. I narrow my eyes at him.

“I can find my own way back!” I hiss and then I turn sharply. “Caleb, I’ll be home in half an hour. Stall mum and dad. Pretend I went round to a friend’s house or something.” Caleb swears.

“You better be home or you’re in serious trouble.”

“Yeah whatever. See you.” I end the call on him and look around the neighbourhood and then over at Jack. “What are you waiting for? Lead the way.”

“I thought you said you can find your own way back.” He smirks, enjoying the rage in my eyes. I clench my fists, the thought of going over and smacking some sense into him, clear in my mind. Finally, he grins and steps in front of me. “Stick close and don’t get lost.” I roll my eyes.

“I don’t think I can get more lost than what I am now ...”

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