Three hundred years ago, there was a fight. A fight that left the Earth ruined. Broken. Dead. Some believe it was global warming that started the dieses, others believe it was a science test gone wrong but no matter what they believe, they can’t change what happened. They can’t change the fact that children are lured towards the sun every twelve days. They can’t change the fact that strange animals prowl the streets, eating all the crops and attacking their homes. They can’t change the fact that some children’s eye colours change and they see things other can’t. They can’t change anything but they can keep it to a certain limit. They can make a drug to stop everybody going insane and fighting each other. They can make a wall, also known as a dome, to prevent children walking off towards their death and they can keep the strange animals outside their protective walls of the domes but can they really stop the chilldrens rebbelllious thoughts and visions or is that just a myth?


1. Chapter 1

“The grass.” I moan. “It’s wet.”

“Shut up, you idiot. Just lay down and look up at the sky.” I obey and lay down beside Caleb but I don’t give up.

“It’s really wet; I can feel it underneath my jacket! Can’t we go get a blanket of something?”

“Stop complaining and look at the stars! Look how beautiful they are!” I grunt my reply and wiggle around, the grass tickling my face and soaking through my coat. He rolls his eyes before lifting an arm. “Look! You see that one? That star right there? You see it?” I squint hard, following his hand with my eyes but all I see is a darkening sky, full of little lights and a dim moon. I shake my head.  “Look harder!” I do.

“No.” I finally puff. “There isn’t anything there!” He rolls his eyes but continues.

“That star is the brightest in the sky,” He starts. I snort.

“Not that bright if I can’t see it …” I hiss but once again, he ignores me.

“That star is the brightest in the sky,” He repeats.  “But it’s not the clearest, do you understand me?”

“No. You aren’t making any sen-“

“The clearest of the stars think they are the brightest but really, that one right there, the one right above your head, that’s the brightest.” I give up and shut my eyes as he continues to talk. “I bet if that star was a human, it would be just like you.” I open one eye and then the other. I roll them.

“Invisible? Oh yeah, thanks.” I snap but I’m smiling slightly. He grins.

“No you idiot. Bright. You’re clever, Louise. Don’t let this “thing” get you down.” Thing? That’s what he refers my gift to? Thanks …

“I don’t.” I lie and he chuckles. “Shut up! I handle this thing quite well, if I say so myself!” He rolls his eyes.

“I suppose.” He admits and I grin. The stars continue to twinkle up in the night sky as he finally laughs. “You know, L,” I turn and look at him and realise he’s staring at me. “You’re the best twin I could ever have.” I grin.

“I know I am.” I reply and he gives me a small whack so I grin back at him. “Thanks. You’re too.” He smiles and his eyes twinkle under the dim moonlight, brighter than some of the stars above his head. A few seconds later, we both turn back to the night sky and lay there lost in our own worlds. And it doesn’t bother either one of us one bit.




Authors note: it gets better ;)

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