Resister On the Throne (I'm still working on the Title.)

It's now Fanfiction but some scenes and characters are like that as in Thor.

This story I'm publishing starts in the middle. That's how I write. Parts at a time, jumping all ore and stringing them together. Eventually. Sorry if it's confusing....


2. Chapter Two

 "Iz ee lorret turro Iy an ay Resister?" Keim asked in Lanish: Is it true I am a Resister?
"Päro." Lannie, Keim's mother replied yes. 
"Tell me a story about the Resister's."
"Eo?" She asked why in Lanish. 
"Alright. The Resister's aren't all bad people.."
"Tell me as if I was normal."
"You are normal my son." 
"Tell it as if I was a Guard's son."
"No, I will not tell you as if you we're Guard's son! They are harsh!"
"The truth is harsh mother."
"Fine." Lannie left the room and got a book titled, 'Saniroe' the Lanish word for storie. Keim sensed magic but dismissed it as the drapes, as they were enchanted to open and close as the sun came to the window.
"I warned you. Remember that. 'On the cold barren planter of Ternoid, there lives a civilization of ferocious and dangerous people called Resisters. They call themselves the Resisters as they can resist anything, even reality giving them supernatural powers, such as the power to kill someone at will--"
"That's not a story, that was informational." No matter how terrifying it was. Keim thought.
"Fine. Keim, be warned." She got up again and put her hand over the book lifting her magic off of it and revealing the real title, 'Beestes' meaning Beasts in Lanish. She walked out of the room and got another book.
"Do not try that trick again Mother," he raised his hand and lifted the magic himself, but there was nothing to lift. 
"What?" Keim exclaimed, quite Surprised. He tried it again, raising his hand. 
Nothing happened. What the näno? He cursed in his mind. Näno was the Lanish replacement for any and all curse words. 
"Why isn't it lifting?"
"It is not enchanted. Keim it is the book itself."
Keim glanced at the book, fear edging into his mind.
"Is it cursed?" Keim asked, as he closed his eyes. He tried sense what type of magic it was that was making the book radiate the magic so strongly. He squinted his closed eyes in uncomfortablness, feeling the magic was not pleasant. It was almost a headache, but worse as a migraine. 
"No." Queen Lannie spoke quietly, also sensing the same magic, but to a much lesser degree, oblivious to what Keim was feeling. 
"What is it?" Keim asked slowly opening his eyes but still squinting but now his eyes were open. 
"The book itself." She said and opened the book. 
"Agh!" He clutched at his head and closed his eyes again. Pain erupted in the back of his head and sprang forward, His mother looked up in Surprise and looked at her son. 
"Are you alright Keim?" She asked at closed the book. 
"Ah.." He half sighed and opened his eyes. The pain half subsided and melted back to the headache migraine. He looked up at his mother. 
"I'm- I'm fine." He stuttered, putting his hand down and focusing of blocking the magic. "Give me a moment." Keim said and slowly the pain subsided and he was able to think clearly again. 
"Go on. Open it." He said quietly still concentrating on blocking the book's magic. She opened the book and Keim was delved into the world of counterspells and blockers. While adding new ones he had to concentrate on his previous ones to maintain his clean mind. 
"Once apron a time there was a planet called Ternoid with its inhabitants called Resisters. One time there was a Resister named Haun and a Lanidish boy named Kelio. One night at exactly a minute past his bed time Kelio went over to his bed. Kelio was worried that a Resister would get him because he broke a rule, that is what his mother had always told him. So, Kelio crept into bed and bought of his explanation of why he was in bed late. He had been doing homework and that was the truth. There was a creak on the floorboards and Kelio stared in horror as a Resister showed himself, his black skin was the darkness that flooded all of Kelio's dreams and up his dark purple eyes hollow making him look unlanidly."
Keim clenched his fists at the unfair description.
"All of a sudden the evil Resister attacked the innocent boy and killed him with his evil black hands. The Resister retreated with a prize from Kelio, his longest strand of hair. As the Resister went back to the cold barren unlivable land of Ternoid and told the others of his victory at killing the boy."
"That's it?" Keim opened his eyes and glared in anger at the book. He reached for the book and went to grip a page. All at once all of his barriers fell and the intensity of the magic because he was holding the book increased by an amazing amount. 
"Agh!" He yelled in pain, closing his eyes and releasing the horrible book. He clutched his head as he let out another, "Ah!" 
"Keim!" His mother screeched in surprise. "Keim are you alright?" 
Keim attempted to lift the book with his magic but failed. He reached across the table and closed the book.
"Ah!" He exclaimed upon touching the book. He threw it across the room. Lannie yelled in suprise and caught the book with her magic before it hit the wall the lowered it to the ground, slowly. Keim rubbed his hand against his dark purple blazer and then grabbed it with his other hand. The pain in his head subsided and he glared at the book, lying safely on the floor across the room. 
"What the näno?" He said looking from the book to his hand.
His mother huffed and raised her hand,
"Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow! OW! Mother. Mother!" Keim swatted at his mother raised hand a few inches away from his shoulder. 
"Say your sorry to me because of that foul word." 
"I'm sorry." Keim said though he definitely didn't feel sorry, he wanted it say it again. Rubbed his shoulder, where his mother used a spell that she used to disapline Keim and his brother Manraco when they were little. The spell made your shoulder feel as if it were being pinched then someone made it go around in circles never losing the pinch, just like a person would do would do it, just a whole lot worse. 
"You better be sorry or I rasiöndanże you again." She said warning him that if he wasn't sorry she'd discipline him again.
"Iy an! Iy an!" He said raising his hands. "I am! I am!" He said it both in English and in Lanish. 

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