Resister On the Throne (I'm still working on the Title.)

It's now Fanfiction but some scenes and characters are like that as in Thor.

This story I'm publishing starts in the middle. That's how I write. Parts at a time, jumping all ore and stringing them together. Eventually. Sorry if it's confusing....


1. Chapter One

Keim stated in horror as his skin went black. His eyes wide and turning purple and was screaming internally. The green box with handles on either side he was holding was glowing.
"Stop. Put it down." His father said loud and clear from behind him.
"Am I cursed?" Keim asked slowly put down the box and turned around, his eyes fading back to their original blue and his skin turning back from black. 
"Not at all." He said calmly on golden colored steps that lead to a large golden colored door.
"Who am I?" Keim asked, staring at his father, the King of Lanid. 
"You are my son." Lanhess said plainly but with authority braided in his voice naturally.
"What else am I. As I am not cursed what am I?"
"My son,"
"The Stone of Eternal wasn't the only thing you took from Ternoid that night was it?"
"Düro Keim." King Lanhess said the Lanish word for no. 
"Eo?" Keim asked why in Lanish. "Why would you take me?" 
"I found a baby, abandoned by the Resisters, on the edge of death and of I didn't take you you would have died." Lanhess said, recalling the day, where he battled the Resisters of Ternoid. 
"Why didn't you tell me from the beginning?" Keim asked betrayal in his eyes, searching his father's face. 
"I wanted to protect you." 
"W-what? Because-because I am a m-monster that mothers tell their children of at night?" Keim asked tears in his eyes now and struggling to find words. "A story that frightens them that they fear the thought?" 
"You aren't a monster Keim." 
"But I am!" He said staring at his father. "I fear myself."
"Did you fear yourself before?"
"No, but I'm sure you feared me!" Sadness forgotten, replaced by anger. 
"I did not because you are my s-"
"It all makes sense now! No matter how much you tried to accept it you could never have a Resister sitting on the throne of Lanid!" Keim yelled and his realized that his father hand colapsed to the ground. Keim's anger went quickly and was turned to worry. He sunk to his knees and looked at his father. He raised his hands over him and attempted to heal him silently. He panicked as it didn't work, and looked at his father. He hesitated as he reached for his father hand.
"What have I done to make this happen?" He asked out loud suddenly feeling weak. 
"Guards! Guards! Come quick!" He yelled feeling helpless. He looked toward the staircase leading up next to the staircase leading down. 
"Guards! Please!" He yelled again and the golden colored door opened swiftly. 
"Thank you. Thank you." He said as the lifted him from the ground.



Authors Note : 

The language they are speaking is called Lanish as they live in a planet called Lanid. I'll publish my Lanish dictionary, but I usually tell you what I'm saying in Lanish. 

If you want to see the inspiration for this scene go to this link:


As you watch that you see that this scene is very much so based off of this scene. I will tell you that the next scene is definitely more original. 

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