Enla, The Daughter of The Doctor

In a different reality, the Doctor didn't get married to River. He got married to Queen Elizabeth. But Elizabeth isn't human. Or Bristish either. She's a Queen of her own race. And Elizabeth and Doctor had a baby girl, Enla. This is a story about her beginning, and ending. So enjoy.

Cover Credit to the one and only: Crown of Shadownight


4. The Official Beginning


   "Are you gonna stay the night?" Haley Williams sang on the TARDIS radio. I danced real hard and sang along with the music. With my brown hair, big brown eyes, and pale skin. No more bowtie. No fez. Just a fedora, jean jacket, red cami, and jeans. With converses of course! 

  "To Earth!" I shouted, happily as I pulled the lever. No more Doctor. No more pain. New body. 'New everything' I thought. "What's the point of thoughts? I have no companions! I'm alone. With my sexy TARDIS, of course." 

  The TARDIS landed at I grabbed my trench coat and walked out the door. "Where? Where shall I go?" I asked myself before my stomach growled. "Diner." I ran up to someone to ask a question, the best question that a time traveller would ask, "Hey what year is it?" "2013. Why ask? Lost all the calendars?" The person replied. 'Oh ok! Maybe there's some interesting aliens here!' I hopefully thought as I weaves through the crowd and entered a diner. "Table for 1 please." I told the waiter as he pointed to a table. 


   "Alright. Breakfast or dinner?" A waitress asked when she walked over to my table. "Ummm do you have salad? Or pancakes! I want pancakes!!!" I laughed. "Yep. Drink?" She smiled. "Milkshake. The best, weirdest kind you got, please." She laughed at my comment. "Sure. Whatever you want." She wrote it down and walked back to the kitchen.  

  And that's when I saw him. The boy I wrote this story about. There were no more tables left. But he just walked over to my table. I looked down, writing in my book. "May I join you, maiden?" He asked, all royal. 'Ok. At this year, people are more rude. Act human, Enla.' I

thought nervously. "Yeah, if the table is worthy of your presence." I replied. I looked up as he sat

down as raised an eye brow at his clothes. "A prince? You're dressed as a prince? What comic is that from?" I asked, still being rude. "It's not a costume." He SIMPLY replied. Simply! I

would've slapped him silly if I wasn't in a diner! I rolled my eyes anyways. 


  Hours later he noticed me mumbling words of nonsense. "He must be a SkyLander." I mumbled too loud. "You noticed?" He asked. My head shot right up. "Y-yes. How'd you hear that?" I managed to get out. "Good hearing," he said pointing to his ear. "I heard everything you mumbled. TimeLord?" "Yes." "You said there was a child crying somewhere." "Yes. And no one is doing anything." "There must be someone. Why worry, maiden?" "A CHILD crying. Alone." "Have you done the same?" "Yes...once..." "I was taught not to after my mother died." "My mother left me. And married someone else" "Why?" "She didn't love the TimeLord enough to truly stay." "I sense you're saying your mother isn't TimeLord. Is she human?" "No. Imulan. I think." "Ah."


   "Yeah. What's your story?" "A long story. A real long one." "Mine's sad and adventurous but longer." "Really?" "To long to tell. Too long of a story." "I love stories." "We should do this again" I suggested. "Yes. We shall. Tomorrow." He got up. "Ok." "I'm Key'yen by the way. Goodbye girl that has no name." He said as he left. I sighed and started crying. He was lovely. But I had to leave. Before he told anyone else. "I'm Enla...Enla Reen. Enla is my name..." I said quietly. Key'yen tapped on the window next to me, so I turned to him. "Enla...what I beautiful name. For a beautiful maiden." He mouthed in the window and-oh he had wings. Beautiful white wings. And we'll he flew away. To somewhere I could never go. So I paid the check, and got up and left. I walked to my TARDIS in the night. Looking at the stars. "I think I have someone else that would like to live in the stars. Please welcome him. I'll see him tomorrow."



   So I ran into my TARDIS, and thanked the TARDIS for bringing me here. Bringing me to him. To Key'yen...to the angel. I laughed, pulling out my beautiful dress. I frowned. I wore this in my regeneration before this. It might not look beautiful. 'Oh well' I thought. 'He would except me. For who I really am.'



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