Enla, The Daughter of The Doctor

In a different reality, the Doctor didn't get married to River. He got married to Queen Elizabeth. But Elizabeth isn't human. Or Bristish either. She's a Queen of her own race. And Elizabeth and Doctor had a baby girl, Enla. This is a story about her beginning, and ending. So enjoy.

Cover Credit to the one and only: Crown of Shadownight


1. The New TimeLord

Hi, I'm Enla. The New TimeLord. This is the beginning of my story. Warning: There's Awesomeness. Ha. Well...lets get on with it!



   "Daaaaaad!!!!! Can we go to somewhere OTHER than England?!" I cried, annoyed of my dad, The Doctor's England upsession. "Enla...I told you. Don't ask if we can't. Simply-" "Ask about somewhere adventurous..." I finished for him. 

"Good. Now go get dressed," He replied as I went to my wardrobe. "And grab a bowtie! They're cool!" 'Oi. Of course. Grab a bowtie to wear! You might not be a boy, but they're still cool!' I thought, as I grabbed my favorite leather jacket, jeans and shirt.







sorry about the really short chapter. Wanna make sure this works!!!

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