Enla, The Daughter of The Doctor

In a different reality, the Doctor didn't get married to River. He got married to Queen Elizabeth. But Elizabeth isn't human. Or Bristish either. She's a Queen of her own race. And Elizabeth and Doctor had a baby girl, Enla. This is a story about her beginning, and ending. So enjoy.

Cover Credit to the one and only: Crown of Shadownight


5. Scared



     The TARDIS landed. I was excited!!! I slipped my dress on, grabbed my trench coat and walked out the door. "Ahhhhh......" I smiled, looking out into the stars. I ran to the diner, as fast as I could like there were Cybermen behind me... I slipped through the door and saw him sitting at a table. I smiled. He got up, greeted me and pulled out my chair for me to sit. So I did. "Hello, Enla." "Hi..." I said nervous, blushing. "Here, I got you a neckiless." He smiled-oh his smile was dreamy.... "Oh...thanks," I said, dreamy staring at him. But I bolted up. "S-sorry what?" He chuckled, as he gave me a small box. "Open it." So I lifted the top....it was a neckiless with my name is cursive... "When ever you need me, hold the neckiless and whisper. I'll be there." "I-I thank you..." I looked at my watch. 'Ten more minutes....' Ran through my head. "What's wrong?" 'Great. He noticed.' "Nothing. I'm just...I-I can't stay long." I got up. "Wait! Why?" He said after I got up. "If you need me, call 243-577. If you don't have universal roaming. Simply yell my name. Or look for a blue police box." I said, walking out the door with the neckiless. "Maybe not." I whispered to the stars, before I walked into my TARDIS. "Wait! Enla!!" Key'yen cried. I slipped in the doors of the TARDIS as Good Girls by 5 Seconds of Summer played. "I quickly took of. "Enla! Enla...please..I'm sorry..."


  The TARDIS landed outside of his father's kingdom. I looked outside. It was huge... I sat next tomy TARDIS, waiting. Then I saw his wings. I guess it was his father. I was reading an old imulan story. It had Skylanders in it.



A/N I should explain. By SkyLanders I mean my friend's OC's race. They look like humans but they have wings. Black is bad. And white is good. 



  "Who are you...?" 'No...I know that voice-JENNY?!' "Jen?!" "H-how do you know my name?! I feel like I know you..." Jenny said, inches from my nose. "I had to make you forget...I'm sorry..."

"Hey, Jen! What are you doing out here?" I heard Key'yen yell as he flew over. "Hello. Hello. Just talking to an old friend who can't remember me or she'll go mad and die." I said softly. I let the book drop. "That book is old. How'd you get it, TimeLord?" Jenny asked. "I have a TARDIS. I go back in time. I just bought a copy. Why arrogate me?" I asked, slowly backing into my TARDIS. "Key'yen! What are you doing here? Who are you talking to?" Another man said. "Sorry, father." Key'yen dropped his head. "Oh...so you ARE a prince. Well. Do want me. I'm propaly 880 years older. I'm a Queen. And I'm a TimeLord..." I spoke, less afraid. But Key'yen's father was next to me. "Bye." I said running into my TARDIS, grabbing my sonic screwdriver. "A TARDIS?" Jenny asked. "No! I'm mean yes-but DOBT come in here! I have my sonic!" I cried, scared as...black I've formed at my hands which were gripping onto a railing far say from the doors. "I'm King Data." "Queen Enla..." I squeaked, even more afraid now. "Father don't hurt her!" Key'yen yelled, but he was too late. I was already dodging a poison knife. "Oh my god." I whispered, angry. The knife hit the TARDIS's heart. "YOU..." I growled facing Data now." "WILL DIE...." I said with red eyes but then the TARDIS took off.


I pushed everyone out except Key'yen. "Never mind. That works too." I smiled closing both doors, breathing heavily. "Oi...." I noticed Key'yen was staring at the TARDIS. "Yes. Say it. I've heard them all." "It's-a time machine?" "Yes...anything else? Any remarkable sayings? I've have truly heard them all." "You own a TARDIS." "Well, yes. I'm a TimeLord. ANYTHING....?" "It's-small. It's smaller than I thought." "Well that's new... SMALL?! You think it's small?!?!" I cried. "Yes. Very small..." "Oi.." I mumbled as I flew the TARDIS. "Adventure? Oh and there's a closet in the hallway over there, to your....left. Very bad directions..." I saw he already left to find the closet. Minutes he came back wearing a black shirt and black jeans, with wings spread out. I lifted my eyes to see and they widened. I blushed. "Well hello sexy..." I whispered, forgetting about something. "Forget something?" He chuckled, pointing to his ears. "Your hearing?! No! I totally remembered...sort of." I said. 

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