Enla, The Daughter of The Doctor

In a different reality, the Doctor didn't get married to River. He got married to Queen Elizabeth. But Elizabeth isn't human. Or Bristish either. She's a Queen of her own race. And Elizabeth and Doctor had a baby girl, Enla. This is a story about her beginning, and ending. So enjoy.

Cover Credit to the one and only: Crown of Shadownight


6. Crying&Dying



    You don't know how much I wanted to kiss him. "Uh- W-where should we go?" I asked, staring. "Anywhere." He got closer and held my chin. "Ok..." I was holding my breath-I was afraid I'd mess up. "Anywhere we want." He whispered as he closed his eyes and kissed my softly. I let tears fall down my face as I pushed him away. "Not again..." I mumbled, upset. He looked away, shunned. 


     I wanted to explode and kiss him so much. I wanted to let him break down my walls. But I couldn't. I just couldn't. I was more than scared. I was terrified. I could tell me story was almost over. I didn't truly regenerate. I was never blonde. I lied. I'm sorry. If you want, human, you can stop reading. I wouldn't care. I never do. "You can leave." I said, landing the TARDIS, sniffling. "Enla..." Key'yen whispered, reaching his hand out to me but I walked to my room. 


    I sat on my bed and started to weep. I slowly laid down on the bed. The TARDIS took off again. 'Key'yen probably already left.' I thought. The TARDIS wanted to cheer me up, so she dumped a bucket of water on me. "Stop!" I screamed, angrily. "Not now!!!" My door slowly opened. I didn't care if someone was trying to kill me. So it picked me up and carried me to another room. I kept my eyes shut. I was ready to die. It settled me on another bed and slipped in with me. My clothes automatically dried. I felt feathers cover me. Like a major pillow fight. Maybe my life is flashing before my eyes. All I know...is that I let one last. Tear down my cheek. 


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