Enla, The Daughter of The Doctor

In a different reality, the Doctor didn't get married to River. He got married to Queen Elizabeth. But Elizabeth isn't human. Or Bristish either. She's a Queen of her own race. And Elizabeth and Doctor had a baby girl, Enla. This is a story about her beginning, and ending. So enjoy.

Cover Credit to the one and only: Crown of Shadownight


2. A Big Bang



   I started running back to the engine room when I heard.... "Enla! Hurry! We don't have much time!" My dad cried. "Coming!" I shouted as a ran to him and started trying to land the TARDIS. 'This had to be real...' I thought. 'Im too young to get my own TARDIS.'




I don't know how, but somehow, Doctor can get more TARDISes. I still don't know how the heck that happens.



     "Enla..." I heard something call my name. A voice..I knew... "Enla.." It called again. "M-mom?" I managed to get out. I heard my father yell, but I couldn't make out the words. "Mom, where are you?!" I yelled, desperate to see my Mother again. But I knew she was gone. She married someone else other than my dad. And she left me. To be...the official....Queen of.....TimeLords. My mother's kind enslaved them. Forcing them to make me a Queen. At 2. I had to make big decisions. And I still remember. 



  //Flash back//

"Alright, I speak baby. So... What's it, Enla?" My dad asked me when I was 2 in front of all the 'living' TimeLords. I tried to say something. "Lots of ice cream?" My dad asked, laughing. "Oh well then! And you want to be called The Slayer of Idiots?" He laughed so hard, my mother had to stop him. Ah....good ol' memories. 


//End Of Flash Back//

'Wait-I never have flashbacks....' I thought, scared more than ever. Then my senses started to become stronger. I could see WAY better, I could hear the water from the pool! I could taste the energy, smell the burning energy! I could feel everything...


And then something saved me-


I got teleported to my own TARDIS. 





I regenerated. 


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