Alice and Lauren: The Descendants of Alice and Lauren

This takes place far after the last book. Sally and Bart are brother and sister, they are the descendants of Lauren and Chase. Rose and Jason are also siblings and the descendants of Alice and Taylor. These four friends will team up to find they're vampire ancestors. Will they be able to escape with their lives?


2. Sally


                                                       Sally's POV

  It's raining. The bench I'm sitting on is soaked and Bart is being no help holding the umbrella. He's more interested in his game of Temple run. That's when I saw two figures walking. I see Rose first. Slightly shorter than the other figure. She is wearing the denim jacket I gave her for her birthday with a pink beanie hanging off her sweet brown curls. Her nose was stuck in a book, titled "Twilight". I wrinkled my nose. Ugh, vampire romance. Then I saw my cousin, Jason. He held the umbrella over his sister. His brown hair was a bit wet but other wise fine. He had on jeans and a dark blue t-shirt. I got up and found I had a head rush. I ran up and hugged Rose, surprising her. "Hi Sally. You surprised me." She laughed. "Yay." I giggled stupidly. Bart walked over with his eyes still on the phone. "Shall we head to my place?" Rose asked. "Okay!" I said, smiling. Bart sighed and shoved his phone in his pocket. "Grumpy butt." I joked. He flicked me on the ear and kept walking.

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