Alice and Lauren: The Descendants of Alice and Lauren

This takes place far after the last book. Sally and Bart are brother and sister, they are the descendants of Lauren and Chase. Rose and Jason are also siblings and the descendants of Alice and Taylor. These four friends will team up to find they're vampire ancestors. Will they be able to escape with their lives?


1. Rose


  I always enjoyed learning about family history. My mom told my brother, Jason, and me that our grandmother was very special. She never seemed to age past seventeen. She left her daughter (Mom) and her husband (our Grandfather) to escape, only leaving a note saying it was for their protection. But mother thought it was a bunch of hogwash. But I always wondered why. My best friend, Sally, had told me that her dad had said almost the same thing. It was kind of interesting. Jason is my older brother. He has his thoughts about our family. Our mother has no wrinkles. Plus she's always going to this strange cafe called Black line. She always orders this strange drink that's blood red. I sneaked a sip once and it tasted sweet. I kinda like it, but I couldn't get Jason to drink it. Sally's always wanted to sneak out and order one but she never was able to. But I am diffrent. That drink made me feel weird. It made me feel powerful. And it scared me.     

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