Alice and Lauren: The Descendants of Alice and Lauren

This takes place far after the last book. Sally and Bart are brother and sister, they are the descendants of Lauren and Chase. Rose and Jason are also siblings and the descendants of Alice and Taylor. These four friends will team up to find they're vampire ancestors. Will they be able to escape with their lives?


3. Jason


  I've never paid much attention to family history, but my sister enjoys it. She would hide away in our library if she didn't have to go to school. Her fascination made me smile. Every week we would meet in the park and go to learn about our family. The only one of our ancestors I've ever heard of is a woman named Alice. But I honestly think she's one of my sisters delusions. But when she talks 'to' her, her eyes glaze over in a red film. Sally skips beside Rose talking about random things. Rose always did good with kids. Even though Sally was only ten and Rose was fifteen, they are the best of friends. Rose held the umbrella over Sally as she skipped. I didn't have an umbrella, neither did Bart. "Hey Bart." He looked at me. "Hey Jason." We didn't speak often. Rose was a bit more out going. "So hows Temple Run?" I ask. I was never very good at conversation. "Okay." Bart being fourteen and me being sixteen didn't help the matter. "We're here!" Rose said eagerly. We live in a very big house with five bedrooms, an in home theater, and a library for Rose. We walked inside and hung up our coats. Sally, as usual, ran to our grand staircase. "It's beautiful." She whispered, in wonder.

  Up in the library, Rose turned on a light. As usual, Rose's eyes turned a crimson for a split second. "Hey kids." My and Rose's mom came in. "Hi Aunt Mary!" Sally waved. "Hi Sally. I thought you kids might like something to drink. She set cups of hot coca, from a cafe, in front of everyone... but me. "Here Jason, I thought you might like this" She set a cup of red stuff in front of me. I looked at Rose, who looked terrified. Mom stepped out. "Don't drink that." Rose said in a shaky voice. I set it aside, though the sent made my mouth water. "So we shall begin." Rose said cheerily. 

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