Alice and Lauren: The Descendants of Alice and Lauren

This takes place far after the last book. Sally and Bart are brother and sister, they are the descendants of Lauren and Chase. Rose and Jason are also siblings and the descendants of Alice and Taylor. These four friends will team up to find they're vampire ancestors. Will they be able to escape with their lives?


4. Bart

(Bart's POV)

I didn't pay any attention to the whole family history thing. I kept texting, and playing Temple Run.

Sally slapped my arm and showed me a picture of our grandmother, Lauren. She was beautiful, but her iris' were rimmed with red. I got curious.

I pulled up a family history site on my iPhone, and began reading about Lauren, and her husband, Chase, who was my grandfather. Suddenly, I got a strange craving. I didn't know what for; but I wanted it badly, and I was extremely hungry.

The 'coffee' from the cafe Jason's mom got was smelling sweeter and sweeter by the second, but I was skeptical.

"What is this stuff?" I asked.

Rose glanced at Jason, then back at me. "Don't drink it." She said.

"Okay..." I said, confused.


A/N: Oh my gosh I missed these books!!! I'm so happy to be writing them again with my girl :3 I missed Ferretsrock, so this chapter had to be written. Hope you enjoyed, sorry it's short! Love you guys! :)

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