Alice and Lauren: The Descendants of Alice and Lauren

This takes place far after the last book. Sally and Bart are brother and sister, they are the descendants of Lauren and Chase. Rose and Jason are also siblings and the descendants of Alice and Taylor. These four friends will team up to find they're vampire ancestors. Will they be able to escape with their lives?


5. Alice


  Now Bart wanted some? Oh no. I feel my head spin and I fall into a state of trance.

 "Rose?" I look up. "Alice! What is it?" I can only hear her voice, but it's so easy to hear. "Don't let the boys drink the red stuff, it'll trigger an important change that you're not ready for. None of you are. So don't drink it, okay?" I nod. "I won't, what is the change?" "If you're not ready for the change, you aren't ready to know what the change is. Don't worry, you'll learn soon enough.." "Rose? ROSE?"

 "Rose!?" I'm shaken awake by Jason. "What happened? How long was I out?" Sally laughs. "Not long Rose. Just long enough for me to get a sip of the red stuff..."

 Hey people... I'm back! I've been so caught up in stuff *cough, Homestuck, cough cough* I forgot how good getting behind the keyboard feels, and I'm soooooooo happy my co author, Tricky, got back to writing. So enjoy this chapter...  

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