I guess you don't know

Hey my name is Naija I live in a old lost city with my best friends Siv and Michala well most people will call it a lost old city but I think that in the night it's not lost it's actually really Creepy oh you didn't see that coming!
What happens when new people come in town?
And they just can't stay away?
Find out in SUPERNATURAL! Ohhhh... Dramatic!! Sorry umm.. Awkward...


2. RUN!!!

I walked slowly backwards with Michala and Siv

"RUN!" I yelled they ran out really fast I was to slow because I kept looking at one of the boys I have seen him before before I could run someone held my arm I tried to get him to let go but he just kept holding my arm tight "LET.GO!"I said but something made me stop fighting back I looked into his eyes they where ocean blue they were beautiful wait...stop don't! "Where are we?" They asked I looked confused on them "you're in.... this city you shouldn't be in!"I said I didn't actually know what this city's name was... We came here two years ago I guess it's kinda weird that we don't know the name of the city?? But we did come in a kind of weird way so I guess that's why "what are you?"The boy with the bandana said "I am....I am..."I said "she's something you're not!" Siv said I was relieved that they were here again "sorry for leaving you..."Michala said "it's ok" I said

"Can you please explain why we are here and can you please help us find a place to live?"the black haired boy asked

"Ummm..." Michala said "guys!"I whisper yelled

They walked over to me with the blue eyed boy still holding my arm tight "should we?" I asked "no way!" Siv said "oh come on..!"Michala said "it can't be that bad we just need to..!"I said but got cut of by Siv "hide them...?"Siv asked "yeah! Come on..!"Michala and I begged "okay fine..!"Siv said "you can live with us I guess"I said "and we will tell you what all this is when we get home but!"Siv said "don't tell anyone!"Michala said "promise!"they all said at the Same time *coughs* *coughs* "can you please..ummm..." I said and looked at the blue eyed boy there was holding my arm really tight "uhh sorry!" He let go but he still looked at me...

I looked out side to check if anybody was there but no it was clear we all walked out and ran to our house when we got there we ran inside hoping nobody noticed...

They all sat down and I got up to get some drinks when I came back there was still silence "what's your names?"I asked "my name is Ashton."the bandana boy said "my name is Calum." The boy with the light strike in his hair said "my name is Michael."the boy with black hair said "my name is Luke." The blue eyed boy or blonde haired boy whatever you will call him said that name that name so familiar! "What's your names?"Calum asked "my name is Michala." Michala said "my name is Siv" Siv said "my name is Naija" I said

Luke's pov.

"My name is Naija."she said wow beautiful name

I don't know what she is but she's so beautiful

"What happened how did you get here?"Naija asked "well it all started with a normal day when we went out to a little town because we got chased of girls and we ran into this little house and we felt down trough the floor and then we ended up in that house in another city" I said "ummm... Girls! You know...!" Naija said to her friends "yeah we know!"they said a little panicked...

"You know what..! Let's tell them" Michala said "yeah let's do that!" Siv said "okay fine" Naija said "tell us what?"......

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