My Opposite

She was the light in his darkness but, he was the darkness in her light.
The moon reflects the sun's light. Without the sun, the moon has no light.
But Is it possible for the moon to gain it's own light?
What happens if sun becomes too overpowering?

What will happen when the moon and the sun cross paths?


4. "Stay away from me."

I sat quietly in class, fidgeting with my fingers as I waited for a teacher's presence in the room. My solid contemplation blocked out distractions, involving the loud chatter amongst the students. I became eerily nervous when my attention was caught by Damien Edwards. He's in my science class? Damien entered the classroom, with his books in his hands. The first three buttons of his black shirt was undone, exposing the skin on his chest. He wore a necklace that had a little charm attached to it. I couldn't make out what it was. His dark brown hair was perfectly messy. He ruffled his hair as his presence became closer, walking towards my direction. I deeply inhaled, trying to avoid eye contact as I stare at my hands, trying to distract myself. I felt someone's presence in front of me as I saw black ripped skinny jeans in front of my desk. I look up. Shit! "You're in my seat." Damien said, monotonously. "Oh, sorry. i'm new here, i-i sorry..." I quickly stood up. "Don't worry about it." He replied, instantly. Why was he being so nice? He walked passed and took a seat right beside me. I looked at him, at the corner of my eye. He was staring at me. I looked straight at the board and the teacher walked in. "Hello, class. Today, we'll be learning a new unit. Please get out your book and turn to page 147." The teacher instructed. I took out my exercise book and turned to the page. "Please highlight key facts and information that may be relevant to this topic." The teacher wrote the topic on the board. I opened my pencil case, looking for a highlighter. I dug through, fidgeting through my pencil case until I saw someone put a highlighter on my desk, in front of me. I looked to my right. Damien. I was so confused. "Th-thanks." I said. Damien did't respond, instead, he looked at me, slightly squinted his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows. It was like he was deeply studying me. What was he thinking? "Damien!" My attention snapped to the front. "Do we have a problem here?" The teacher asked, crossing her arms. "N-no Miss." He replied. "Repeat, what I said." The teacher instructed. Damien gulped and his adam's apple became prominent. He didn't respond. "Is there a reason why, you weren't paying attention?" Still, no response. "Right then, detention after school." Shit. Damien rolled his eyes and slouched in his seat. He looked at me then looked towards the board. He looked annoyed. I stood up. "Miss, I was involved, I was distracted him." I said. The teacher glared at me, "Detention for both of you!" She yelled. "Please, sit back down!" I quickly sat in my seat and looked at Damien again. He smirked, it was as if he was trying to contain his laughter. There's something about him that I cannot resist. ---
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