My Opposite

She was the light in his darkness but, he was the darkness in her light.
The moon reflects the sun's light. Without the sun, the moon has no light.
But Is it possible for the moon to gain it's own light?
What happens if sun becomes too overpowering?

What will happen when the moon and the sun cross paths?


2. Bad News

"Damn it!" I whisper to myself as I bend down to grab the books that have fell out of my locker. 

"Oh crap! You scared me!" I bolted as a unfamiliar girl's face appeared in front me. 

She giggles. 

"Sorry, I saw you from three feet away. You look new here." She says. 

She probably knows the whole school. 

"Uh, yeah. I'm new?" I respond hastily, trying to avoid eye contact while packing my bag with books from my locker. 

I'm just so intimidated when I meet new people. I don't want to set off a bad impression or anything. She probably thinks I'm ignoring her but, I'm just really terrified. 

I don't look perfect. I'm a tad short, I have long brunette hair that come up to my waist and I have my Mother's light brown eyes. 

I don't even know anyone in this school. I wish I didn't have to exchange schools but my parents have divorced and I'm living with my father in California, while my mother, somewhere else in this world. She's probably still in Texas. 

I moved in with my father only two weeks ago. I haven't got used to the whole routine yet but, I'll get there somehow. 

I did make a lot of friends in Texas, and I've lost all of them. 

I still keep in touch with my best friend, Samantha and also Johnny but, they hardly make any effort in keeping touch with me. 

I can't blame them, though. I don't expect them to know how I'm going everyday, nothing really interesting is going on, in my life at the moment. 

"Oh, so do you need help with directing you to class or anything?" She asks, politely. 

This girl is just around my height. She's dirty blonde with blue, green eyes and they're quite huge.. no, not abnormally huge but, beautiful huge..? I don't know, but she's wearing a crop top with skinny jeans and white converse. She looks pretty decent, more decent than half the girls I've seen so far. 

"Well, I, uh.. " 

Should I just figure things out myself? 

No, just.. spit it out! 

"Yeah sure. I don't know where I am." 

She opens her mouth to speak but no words come out. 

She gives me a confused look. 

I mentally face slap myself. 

"Sorry.. I meant I don't know where I am going." 

No re-phrase. 

"I mean, I don't know where I'm supposed to go for my classes." 

"Oh yeah, that's fine. I'll show you around. Can I see your timetable?" 

I grab my sheet from my bag and pass it to her. 

She scans her eyes up down the page. 

"Oh, great. We're in the same classes, except for maths and english." 

Oh, thank God for maths and English. 

I don't really want to spend my time with one person for the whole day.

I like my space. 

"Oh, okay." I reply.

I shut my locker and we start heading down the hallway. 

All these teenage boys and girls in their 'cliques', some are just making out with their boyfriend or girlfriend against lockers. 

I'm about to throw up in their mouths. 

"So, tell me about yourself." She says, while we walk down the horrid hallway. 

"Myself? uh, I don't know." 

"What do you mean, you don't know?" She raises an eyebrow. 

"I don't know. I guess. I'm not that all interesting, to be honest." I mumble. 

"I'm not so interesting either. What's your name?" 

"I'm Cassie, you?" 

"Olivia." She responds. "Do you know anyone here?" 

"No, fortunately, I don't." 

She laughs. 

"Well, I'll show you around and tell you about some people." 

As we walk down the hallway, she looks around and points to a group of girls. 

"Those three girls, are called the barbies. It's quite obvious, isn't it?" 

They're all blonde with straight hair, one with brown eyes and the rest have blue eyes. I'm not surprised. 

"Are they like, popular?" I ask. 

"Yeah. kind of, except their popular because people hate them but, the boys, love them." She responds. "I'm not really sure, though. Some girls seem to like them, too but others think they're total sluts!" 

Well, I am sure as hell not crossing pathways with them. 

This year, I don't want to get into drama and all of those stuff. I just want simplicity this year. That's all I'm aiming for, simplicity. Is that too much? 

I'm not the type to be in the whole popularity thing. Although, it would be nice but, I just wouldn't. Well, at least, I don't think I would. 

"But, you don't have to worry about them. Just as long as you don't get in their way. You're fine." She explains.

"There are other girl groups, too. Everyone has their own group, except for one person." She pauses, and looks in the direction of a young, tall guy. 

She looks at dark-blonde haired boy and his hair goes in a quiff, who is taller than I am. He has dark blue eyes and a jawline that is evident, his lips are plumped and slightly curved at it's ends. His body looks lean and his arms are muscular but not too much,  but it's enough to know that he's fit. He is leaned against the soda vendor machine, with his earphones in, looking down at his phone. He wears a black top, black skinny jeans and black laced boots. He's alone and looks like he doesn't want to be bothered by anyone. 

"That's Damien." She says. 

Damien? okay. 

"He looks very welcoming." I sarcastically remark. 

"Ok. I'm just warning you. He's bad news. Girls are scared of him and no one messes with him. He's hot headed and has a bad, short temper. He hardly talks to anyone, because no one tries to talk to him, they're scared of being beaten up if they say something wrong in front of him. He's smart, though. He's in top highest class for maths, science and history. He's a senior, like us but he's got no friends." She smirks. "I'm not sure about outside of school. People know almost nothing about him. There was this one time, where, he made friends with this girl, they got along for awhile, until they got in a fight because she was getting too affectionate with this other guy in class. He beat him up. He's got so many problems, it's scary." 

Wow. I have no words. This guy is real trouble.

"So, he hasn't had any girlfriends or anything?" I ask out of curiosity. 

"Oh yeah, he has. Only a few. They only last for like two weeks, maybe a month, maximum. He went out with one of the barbies, but seems like they didn't get along well." She says. "He's not really an romantic type. He's unpredictable. So, on your first date, don't expect him to be typical, like show at the front of your door with flowers." 

This guy is something different. I don't understand. Normal guys would do that, right? Maybe he has dealt with issues, maybe he's dealing with issues right now. Someone should just help him out or something, he looks like a lost pedophile. He's scary and looks unwelcoming to everyone. He looks like he'd be the type of person to just watch you sleeping. 

There has to be something about his family...

"What about his family?" I ask, hesitantly. 

"I don't know. People know nothing about him. They only know what they see of him." She says. "Avoid him. Stay out of trouble.."



"He's bad news."





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