My Opposite

She was the light in his darkness but, he was the darkness in her light.
The moon reflects the sun's light. Without the sun, the moon has no light.
But Is it possible for the moon to gain it's own light?
What happens if sun becomes too overpowering?

What will happen when the moon and the sun cross paths?


1. Damien Edwards

Olivia is sitting across from me while we eat our lunch and have a small talk. 

Everyone is sitting in their own table groups, the same people they hang out in class, recess and probably the other things that they do in their everyday lives.  

Some people look like they're gossiping about other people because of the way they look at a particular person, after saying something. 

Then, there's the jock group who are obnoxiously loud, throwing food at each other's faces and making retarded noises that echoes throughout the whole cafeteria, turning the school into a jungle. 

And right in front of them, are the 'barbies'. Yes, them, of course. A seat right in front of the jock group. They flick their hair off their shoulders, every second. They might as well shave their heads, if it's bothering them. They all giggle and shrug their shoulders, maybe glancing at the boys once or twice, checking if they've got any of their attention. 

Then, maybe one of the jocks will drop winks at them or other disgusting stuff, I don't even want to mention before I throw up. 

Just, stop. Please, you're embarrassing yourself. 

I bought some salad, something light since I'm not that hungry. I don't have an appetite at the moment. I haven't eaten breakfast either, I'm just not hungry today. Which is weird and unusual for me, since I always had something to eat in Texas. I think this change is really affecting me. 

I miss my friends on a daily basis and sometimes, I can't stop but think that they don't really give a shit about how i'm going. 

I probably don't even know what to say about my 'journey' so far but, at least they could give me a text or a call? 

I just feel so isolated and hopeless. 

I do appreciate Olivia's company, hell yes, I do. But, I don't know her enough to not feel alone. It's hard for me to explain because, my emotions are so intense that you can never describe it. 

Have you ever felt, just so alone? Even though, you're in a room full of people. You just feel alone and scared? Maybe, you have panic attacks because you think something bad is about to happen, like you dying or something. 

And, just when you think it's all gone.. 

It proves you wrong. 

"Are you alright?" Olivia distracts my thoughts. 

"Yeah, i'm alright." I reply, looking down at my food. 

"Look, I know this whole school is prison and the people here make it fifty times worse but, you don't have to worry about anything." She explains, "not many people will approach new students."

But, that's not my only problem. 

Ugh, problems. I don't like it. I just want to fly out of California and study in another state, where no one has control over my life.

I'm turning eighteen in two months and I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. I can't just lean on my father for support. Plus, my father and I, aren't on good terms. 

Which upsets me, because he's the only person I've got right now. 

I don't think he'd mind if I fly out. I'll probably make his life easier for him so, he shouldn't have to worry about me or giving me financial support. 

I just need to find a job. I'll find one out of this state and I'll fly there and earn my own money. I'll just live in an apartment by the beach or something. 

I don't have to be here. 

I can study in college somewhere else. 

I just don't want to be here. 

It's hell. 

The thing is, I don't know how I'm going to make that happen. 

"What's your next class?" She asks with curiosity. 

I pull out my sheet from my back pocket of my jeans and scan my eyes up and down the paper. 

Oh, great. Maths. 

"I have maths." I reply with a monotoned voice. 

"Oh, we don't have that class together." She says. 


I check the timetable again and I realise that I've got three minutes till' my next class.


"Uh, Olivia. I just realised the time, I have get to my class." I tell her, while I grab my lunch, shove it in my bag and put the straps of my bag on my shoulders. 

"Oh, yeah. Me too. Have fun." She says, while getting out of her seat and smiling before we went different directions. 

I run through the hallway, dodging all the students and trying to get myself out of the crowd. The whole of the hallway, was chaos. 

"Hey! Watch it!" 

I hear from behind me but, I continue to move my feet, avoiding any drama or trouble. 

"Excuse me! Excuse me, sorry." I push through the crowd of people, like they're giant elephants and I'm just a...squirrel. 

As I escape free from the chaos, I trip over someone's foot and land face flat on the floor with all my books and sheets scattered around me. 


I quickly accumulated them in an organised order and grip them tightly in my hand as I make my way into class. 


Everyone hasn't made it to class yet, only a few people were sitting at their desks, facing the whiteboard. 

Each of the seats were all aligned vertically up and down the room and had a little desk that was attached for students to be able to write on. 

Everyone was normal. 

More people started entering the classroom and they made their way to their own seats. 

I sat in the middle row. 

I took out my pencil case from my bag, zipped it open and grabbed a blue pen before placing my pencil case back in the bag. 

I grabbed my maths book and placed it onto my small table. 

My eyes were looking in the direction of the entrance, where increasing numbers of students entered the classroom. 

Then, the teacher appeared. He was bald, wearing a blue plaid shirt, black trousers and black shoes. Typical teacher. 

It seemed like everyone has made it to class. 

The teacher made his way to the door and shut it. 

He made his way in front of the whiteboard, grabbing a whiteboard marker and in big writing, her wrote, 'Mr Silva'. 

Seconds after the teacher had turned around, someone made his way through the door. 


It's that mysterious, jerky guy. That no one knew about. 


The class' attention was on him as he made his way through the back of the class, taking a seat, looking bored out of his mind. He lazily laid back on his chair with his arms folded in front of him. His head was slightly tilted at an angle as he looked at the teacher with lack of interest. His dark-blonde hair was in a quiff and his dark blue eyes examined the teacher's expression. 

Some students turned their heads around to glance at him but he paid no attention to them. 

"Would you like the explain yourself, Mr Edwards?" The teacher asks, raising his eyebrows and looking straight into Damien's eyes.

His full name is Damien Edwards?

He shook his head in response and lightly chuckled. The corners of his mouth curved as the dimple on his cheek dimple became slightly noticeable. 

Damien leaned forward while he fiddled with his pen, completely ignoring the teacher's question. He looked out the window, ignoring the teacher's presence while tensing his jaw. 

Why is he such a jerk? And how could he be in the highest maths class if he doesn't even pay attention to the teacher? 

I don't understand. 

"Are you going to answer my question, Damien?" The teacher asks, sternly. 

Damien looked at the teacher dead straight in the eyes. His eyes became prominently darker than usual. 

Okay, now it's getting serious. Why can't he just answer a simple question? 

What's his problem, seriously? He's really pissing me off. 

I wish I could just slap him for being a total douche bag. 

He's wasting everyone's time because he can't answer a stupid question. Why does he have to be so stubborn? 

"No, sir." Damien mumbled to himself before loudly getting up from his seat, causing the chair to scratch against the surface, making a horrible, squealing sound. 

His jaw tensed as he was about to make his way out of the classroom until, the teacher had stopped him. 

Damien turned his head to the teacher, looking directly in his eyes. 

"If you don't come back to your seat, right now. You're going to be big in trouble by the principal." The teacher said solemnly while pointing his index finger at him. 

Wow, real scary. 

He shakes his head and rolls his eyes at the teacher's threat and carelessly made his way out of class. 

What a rebellious son of a bitch. 



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