You & I

"I don't date people I got into the friendzone with first, because I know that if we break up, we probably will hate each other afterwards, and I don't wanna hate you."


3. Jealousy

Harry and I had been dating for a month now, and it's getting annoying, that even though people know I love him, and that we're dating, they're still flirting with him, like I was air.

I knew I wasn't air, and I knew I was loved by him, but it just hurt, you know. Even though he didn't show any interest in any of the girls, but me, it still hurt.

Harry and I had been moving in together, well not officially, but you know, we're hanging out and staying in his apartment all the time, I basically lived there.


"Morning babe, ready for school?" Harry asked, as I got up, kissing him.


"Yep, and you?" I asked, getting my clothes, looking at him.


"Yeah" he said.


I got out to the bathroom, dressing up, walking out to eat breakfast with Harry.


"So the other day Sam texted me, asking me to go to a Club tonight, wanna come?" He asked, looking at me.

Sam was Harry's best mate.

"Yeah I'd like that" I nodded and smiled, I then went out to the bathroom again, brushing my teeth, putting my hair in a messy bun, going for the natural look with my make-up.


"ready to go babe?" he asked, grabbing his car keys.


"yeah, give me two minutes." I said, putting my backpack on my back, putting on my shoes and jacket, walking with him out to his car,  putting my bag in the trunk, and got in, putting on my seatbelt, checking my phone, as he started driving.


We walked into class, and I walked over to Sophia, my bestest friend and sat next to her, finding my books which I needed.


"Jade, have you heard about Danielle?" she asked, looking at me.


"No what's up?" I raised an eyebrow, looking back at her


"She admitted having a crush on Harry" she said, frowning a bit.


"Too bad she can't have him" I smiled, looking at her, then over at Harry who were chillng with his friends.


-At the club-


"Babe, stay here, I'll be back, just going to the bathroom" I said, as I went to the bathroom a little drunk, but not much.


I looked over at Harry smiling, as I went out from the bathroom, but as I looked around, Danielle suddenly was beside him, laughing and smiling.

And we all know what happens when you're just a Little drunk, you get a lot of emotions.


I walked over to Harry, sitting on his lap, looking at Danielle.


"What are you doing here?, Danielle" I said, looking at her, as Harry squeezed my hand, whispering in my ear. "Babe shh."


"Oh nothing, just talking to Harry" she smiled, then laughed at me.


"Did you just laugh at me?" I said, getting angrier, but mostly sad inside.


"I think we need some air" Harry said, helping me up, helping me outside and leaned me against the wall, while he stands in front of me, looking me in the eyes.


"Babe, don't be jealous, I want nobody but you. You're an amazing person, and I don't wanna be with anybody else, okay?" he said, caressing my cheek.


"I know, but she's just so pretty, and I just got jealous, i'm sorry."


"Don't be sorry, you just proved me how much you love me, and trust me, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met in this world, I love you"


"I love you too baby" I said, kissing his cheek.


He leant in and kissed me, caressing my cheeks.


"so what about you and I go home, and cuddle a bit?" he said, smiling, kissing my cheek.


"I'd love that" I smiled wide.

So when we got home, we just cuddled all night. I have an amazing boyfriend.



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