You & I

"I don't date people I got into the friendzone with first, because I know that if we break up, we probably will hate each other afterwards, and I don't wanna hate you."


2. Forever? Forever

So it's been a week ever since the party went on, and I still regret telling him I like him. I mean, why me? Why does nobody like me, the way I like them? It's so silly, I know. But I just feel like it must be my turn to be loved.. Like I used all my power, on people who doesn't even want me back.


What am I supposed to do now? Cause if I keep messaging him, I might annoy him - and that's the last thing I want to happen.


Buzz Buzz


My phone were vibrating, as a text suddenly popped up. From who? Well, the guy I have this massive crush on, while he doesn't even think about me.

I didn't even bother to look at the text, as I was pretty sure it wouldn't make me any happier.


I went out to my car, and drove towards the mall, as I needed a new jacket. I had already found the black fashion jacket I wanted from TopShop, so it was quiet easy to just walk in, grab it, pa and leave again.

I went into Starbucks, ordering a double chocolaty chip frappuccino, Yum.


"All of me loves all of you love your -"

My phone were ringing, it was Harry calling. I picked up, taking a sip of my frappuccino.

"Hey" I said, waiting for him to talk.

"Jade, I know what you've been thinking, and i'm sorry about not giving you a chance. Jade, you are a wonderful person, and if you want to, meet me at the beach in 20, and I have a surprise for you" he said.

I raised an eyebrow, listening to his rapsy sexy voice.

"Okay I'll meet you there" I said, biting my lip gently, as he said bye and hung up.


So I was now going to chill with the boy I love. Love? did I just say love? oh I did, I love Harry.


I ran out to my car, holding my frappuccino, placing it in the cup holder, driving on my way to the beach, actually dressed well enough to the beach.


 I got out of my car, and saw a sticker on a three in front of my car.


"Go down to the water, and wait for me - H" I smiled as I read it out loud, walking on the sand, holding my shoes in my hand, walking down to where the waves hit the sand, looking out at the water.


I had to wait for 5 minutes, when suddenly Harry came up from behind, wrapping his arms around me, singing to me, as one of his mates were there playing the guitar.


I didn't know exactly how I looked, but I knew I had the biggest smile on my face, actually I smiled with my eyes as well. I was in love with Harry, and I couldn't deny it.


The way he looked at me, was romantic, and I could tell he smiled with his eyes as well.


He grabbed my hands, as he finished singing, and looked me right in the eyes.


"Now" he said, looking over at his mate. I didn't know who it was, so I called him mate.

He gave Harry a bunch of roses, and I looked at him, widning my eyes.


"Here you go, Jade. And I hope you take my apology, because I want you to be my girlfriend, and I was stupid for telling you no. Here's 20 roses, 19 of them are real and 1 is fake. My love for you will die, when the last rose dies" He said. "- Will you be my girlfriend?" he continued, as I teared up of happiness.


I nodded, as he leant down a bit and kissed me, placing his palms on my cheeks, and my arms around his neck.


"Forever?" he asked.


"Forever" I smiled wide, as we kissed again.



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