You & I

"I don't date people I got into the friendzone with first, because I know that if we break up, we probably will hate each other afterwards, and I don't wanna hate you."


1. Falling for you

It was the first day at school, and I saw this lovely, handsome looking guy. He was tall, had green eyes and curly hair. I didn't know his name, or anything about him, but damn, he was so addictive, I couldn't keep my eyes off him.


I was rehearsing in music class with a new friend, her name was Natalie. She played the guitar, and I sang along.


"Let's go all the way tonight
 No regrets, just love
 We can dance, until we die
 You and I, will be young forever"


and as I finished singing, I looked around, and saw him staring at me, smiling. I smiled back, as his friend pulled him away, because he had to watch something.


"He smiled at you" Natalie said, poking my shoulder.


I giggled, looking down at my hands, biting my lip.


- later that day -


I sat talking to my mum on the phone, as the curly haired boy came over and sat down beside me.


"Hello, my names Harry" he said, reaching out for my hand, as I hung up.


"My names Jade" I said, smiling cutely.


"So hows it going? heard you singing earlier, you're very good" he said, looking at me.


"I looked at him, and it was like I fell in love with him at first sight.


"Hello?" he said, laughing quietly.


"Oh sorry, Ehm, thank you very much, singing is my passion, and its going well" I said, smiling small. "- what about you? how's it going?" I continued.


"it's going great, I was just on my way home, shall I drive you home?" he asked, and I widened my eyes.


"That would be amazing thank you!" I said, getting up, grabbing my school bag, as he got his.


We went out to the parking lot, and got to his car. I placed my bag in the trunk, as well as him, and got into his car, putting on my seatbelt.


"It's really nice of you driving me home" I said smiling.


"You're anyway living near me" he smiled. "- are you living with your parents or alone?" he asked.


"I live alone, actually I just moved out 1 month ago" I said, smiling small. "What about you?" I looked at him.


"I've been living alone for 1 year now" he said, as he drove me home.  "Here you go" he said, as he parked right in front of my apartment.


"Thank you" I said, as we hugged, got out, got my bag, waved and walked into my apartment.


I went to cook something to eat, and while I was waiting for it to finish, I took my phone and wrote a message to Harry.


To Harry:

Hi Harry, thank you for driving me home, thought we could do something one day?


From Harry:

Hi Jade, you're welcome. Sure, what about we'll hang out after school tomorrow at my place?


To Harry:

Sound's good! I'd love that, see you there then.


From Harry:

See ya.


My cheeks were hurting from smiling so much, he gave me the feeling of butterflies flying around in my stomach, and I just couldn't stop smiling.


- Next day -


I got into English class, as I saw there was an empty seat next to Harry, and I was thinking about sitting next to him, so I went over and sat next to him, placing my bag behind the chair, getting ready for the class.


"I thought we could go out for dinner tonight?" he said, smiling at me.


"Sure, that'd be fun" I smiled back at him.


- after school-


He drove us home to his apartment, and we surely got really close.


"What do you like in a girl?" I asked, looking at him, lying on his bed.


"Just the basics, when she's open, loyal, easy to talk with, when she's herself no matter who she's around" he smiled, sitting next to me on his bed.


We did our homework, as we started talking about the party which were near.


"So are you gonna get a little lover at that party?" I asked, biting my lip.


"I don't think so, I mean, I just wanna have fun" he smiled, as he looked at me, then at his laptop. "what about you?" he asked.


"No,  no, I don't think so either, I'm not good at that stuff." I said, biting my lip gently.


-some days later at the party-


"Harry, can we talk before you go with your friends?" I asked, looking at him, and he nodded.


We walked over to a tabel, and he helped me getting through the many people around us.


"So, you know that I like you right? or just thought I did by the way I've been looking at you, texting you, talking to you, yeah? no? anyway, I like you, I like you a lot." I said, and thought I actually had a chance.


"Yeah I found out, and I also told the boys I had to talk to you today, because of it" he started. "The thing is that, I don't date people I got into the friendzone with first, because I know that if we break up, we probably will hate each other afterwards, and I don't wanna hate you." he stated, carressing my hand, as I looked sad at him.


"I understand, it's just the fact that I never got so close to any boy before, I feel like I can talk to you about anything, I feel like i've known you for years, and I don't really have anyone to talk to.." I said, frowning.


"You can always come to me, and i'll be there. You can talk to me about anything, I promise you that, but we can't go out, I don't wanna lose you as a friend."  he said. "But we can kiss at parties and so, I don't mind" he said.


"Kiss? so you wouldn't mind kissing me before you go?" I said, raising an eyebrow, but still looking sad, cause what would it help?.


He leaned in, placed his hands on my cheeks, and kissed me. I placed my arms around his neck and kissed him back, as I looked at him when he pulled away and hugged him.


"take care, see you on monday" he smiled, and off he went.


I was now alone, with a crazy feeling inside of me, a broken, happy, sad, depressed, in love feeling.. which I didn't know what to do about it.. but I was definietly a broken girl..



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