1. Yurayama Lee

“My name Yurayama Lee,” I said to the man standing in front of me. He was holding a clipboard and ticked my name off.

“Next,” The man said. I started to walk back to my room alone. I have no friends here, where ever here is. I along with 999 other kids are stuck here on an island in the middle of nowhere. We each get two meals a day and one snack break a day, but that is only if we do as we are told.

“Yura, Yura,” I turned around to see Seareanna calling to me from where she stood underneath a tree with a few other people. She waved me over. Rolling my eyes, I slowly started to make my way over to her. “Yura, we need your help,” Seareanna said as I reached her and the others.

“What do you need my help with,” I asked, I just really want to get to go back to going to my room. The last thing I need is to get into trouble with the higher ups.

“Okay, there’s a boat coming in tomorrow night at 11 sharp. All the guards are going to help unload so they won’t notice us sneaking out of our rooms, and walking down to the shore. From there we are going to swim to the other side of the boat, sneak on and hide until we arrive back on land.” Seareanna explained.

“So wait, you are planning to escape, I get that. But what part do I play in this, or are just wasting my time?” I said as I put my hands in my jacket pockets. How stupid are they? It won’t be that easy to escape. The higher ups aren’t stupid enough to have all the guards unloading all the cargo on top of that we are locked in at 9 so how are they planning on getting out.

“Well we hear that you have snuck out a few times before and that you know how to fight so we were wonder…

“You want me to sneak out of my room and let you out,” I interrupted her.

“And fight any guard that might come our way,” Seareanna said smiling like she just won something.

“So a body guard to,” I said in disbelief. I cannot believe this girl. She has no idea just how much trouble I get into for sneaking out and she has the nerve to ask me the unthinkable.

“Look we’ll be waiting in our rooms at 10:30pm, if you don’t come we’ll know your answer, and I’ll tell everyone about why you don’t live in the dorms with everyone else,” She sneered at me then handed me a piece of paper.”Don’t be late,” Seareanna said then walked off with her friends close behind. What am I going to do? Either way I’m in trouble. Sighing I put the piece of paper she gave me into my pocket, not bothering to look at it and headed to my room with one question on my mind. How does she know about why I’m not allowed in the dorms? Why I live with five guards guarding outside my bedroom, Why I am so kept away. No-one and I mean else is meant to know about it. What am I Going to do?
















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