My first story or fan fic ( whatever floats your boat ) I hope you like it (: yeah (:


10. Ruben

Rubens P. O. V.

As I drive home to my little house which was totally adorable I might add it was like a cottage but I wasn't at the same time I just loved it .

As I got out of stang realisation hit me in the face ... I've never met my neighbours on both sides of me ... That kinda freaked me out like a lot ...

But I had other priorities such as cleaning ... And having a underwear party while I'm at it . Ohh god I have to do a live stream for my girlies I'm actually kinda internet famous and my friends from home want to know how I'm doing and if I'm making things up about him ... Which I wasn't in the first place arghh my friends annoy the living shit out of me sometimes

As I went into my adorable little house decided against the underwear party while cleaning and while I have the live stream on .

Once everything was set up and I tweeted all my adoring fans who sacrifice their ears 'cause of my singing to get online and I also decided to do a QandA while im at it cause why not ...

"Hey my beautiful people... Sorry for the lack of videos and for the lack of vlogs I've just been a little preoccupied lately and I probably need to get on it ..." I said facing the webcam

"Right now that I got that off my chest you guys are going to watch me clean while I answer your amazing questions ..."

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