My first story or fan fic ( whatever floats your boat ) I hope you like it (: yeah (:


8. Ruben

Ruben's P. O. V.

I was still watching those three boys play soccer on the beach till I decided to get up and leave

"Ohh well" i sighed mostly to myself as I gathered all my belongings and headed to my car

Well more like my mustang that needed to get it's ass in a body shop pronto hahaha

I guess that my stang (I named my car stang cause I'm cool like that ) and I will have each other no matter what until he (Whaat? Don't judge me for calling my baby a dude ! Like chill !) packs up on the side of the hiway or won't start ! As I turned stang on (unfortunately it's the only thing that I can turn on haha see what I did there ... Or not never mind I said nothing) 5SOS started blairing through my speakers of my baby

As soon as I forgot about him he pops back up in my fucking head argh !Why me?!

I decided to head to Nando's and get me some chicken because it's been a long time since mamma had her some chicken !

I pulled up to a Nando's that was close to where I was living, I stay in stang wondering if it was actually worth it to get out of my baby and get food ,but I mean come on Ruben it's fucking food ! With that I got out of my baby and kinda sorta ran to the entrance cause I am hungry as fuck ! I should seriously stop swearing it's not attractive ...

As I got inside I was faced with like more or less 45 people and lets just say I'm socially awkward ... So this was not good for me I got to an open table that looks like it's set up for two it kinda made me feel lonely ...

"Hi I'm Trixie I'll be your waitress for the afternoon " Trixie Beamed at me she looked around my age or a bit older she had short bleached blond hair that was cut in a pixie cut and she was about 5ft4 around there

"Umm ... Could I please have a coke but no ice " I said back to her whilst trying to sound polite

" sure " and with that Trixie took off with my order of coke ...

After about 5 minutes of waiting Trixie finally reappeared with my coke I was dying to have

"Thanks " I Beamed at her

"Can I take your order now miss? " she asked

"Umm sure I'll have the BBQ chicken with chips on the side "I said back to her not knowing if she would understand chips... As in French fires or even fries ... Ohh well

"Sure I'll be right back " with that she left and I was all alone yet again much to my disappointment

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