My first story or fan fic ( whatever floats your boat ) I hope you like it (: yeah (:


4. Ruben

Rubens P. O. V

"What?" I asked him whining like a 5 year old , what ? I may be a grown- hahaha what am I saying I'm not a grown woman at all I'm actually more like a 5 year old that's had Way too many skittles

" could you stop drooling for like 5 seconds- haha 5 seconds....of summer get it ...? Okay no .. Never mind anyways could I get your number and please don't tell you don't have a phone otherwise that's just going to be seriously cliché " Calum says , and by the sounds of it he said a lot Hahahaha

"Sure " I said handing him my phone "ohh and by the way I'm sure my mother would love to text you " I said as I saved his number and looked up to the most pissed off hottest face ever I just couldn't take it anymore I burst out laughing at him

"Y-y-you t-t-thought I w-w-was a-a-actually s-s-serious " I stuttered between my laughs I used his chest to lean on so I wouldn't fall over

"I must say Hood you are very gullible" that caused Calum to pout I pouted back at him and texted him a winky face and he was distracted long enough fore to run off yet again

I couldn't help but notice the tingles in my hand when I leaned on his chest and when he caught me twice

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