My first story or fan fic ( whatever floats your boat ) I hope you like it (: yeah (:


2. Ruben P.O.V

Rubens P. O. V

I was singing along to one of my favourite bands ever Greenday ! I was in such a hype about this whole festival that I didn't even realise he was here.

I didn't realise the reason why I'm still on this planet is here at this festival but I just know he's here 'cause by the sounds of thousands of girls screaming to get him and his mates to notice him.

I don't see the point in girls having to be all up in their grills I mean did they invite you to their BBQ .... Yeah that's what I thought . They didn't !

So here I am trying my ass off to ignore the noise caused by the girls and trying to focus on my Greenday because let's be honest here it's not everyday the play Greenday at these things unless it's a festival where bands like them preform ... So imma enjoy my Greenday bitches

But it's really hard with constant screaming so I gave up . Typical me ...

As I was backing away from the crowd I bumped into an hard object well more like a hard chest, I was about to faceplate when an tan arm with multiple tattoos caught me ...

"Are you alright?" He asked his voice sounded just like it did in all those videos

"Hello... "Ohh god could he please just shut up

"S-s-sorry " I stuttered all loser like ohh good really Ruben that was the best you could come up wi-

"It's all right but are we just gonna stand here all day or what?" He was smirking ! The bloody asshole was smirking !

I glared up at him "I suggest you wipe that little smirk off the face of yours or els.." I challenged him

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