My first story or fan fic ( whatever floats your boat ) I hope you like it (: yeah (:


3. Calum's pov

Calum's P. O. V

She was still in my arms I could not help but notice how her cheeks were red from her embarrassment and it was hella adorable I couldn't help but smirk at her

She glared up at me and said " I suggest you wipe that smirk off your face or els.." She challenged me ! She fucking challenged me ! How dare she !

So I challenged her back "or els what ?" I smirked again ! Haha jokes on you ... Fuck what's her name I guess I will find out one way or another

She was really beautiful like the way her hair fell down her back like a waterfall of wavy curls and her brown eyes they were the same shade as my own and how they lit up when paramore came on while she was in my arm I couldn't help but notice the tingles I felt in my arm as white girl as that sounded and how she was about 5ft7 around there it was li-

"Hello earth to Calum ..." She waved her hand in my face

"Did you even listen to me ? I guess not ohh well all I'm saying is just sleep with one eye open tonight " she turned on her heel as she turned she winked at me giving me these weird feelings

Wait what !? So with that I ran after her I mean she's hella adorable who wouldn't chase after her so here I am running after a girl that I don't even know the name of ! I really have to get it out of her

"Wait !" I panted as I ran after her but to my luck she was slowing down.

I caught her and spinner her around so she was looking at me with those deep brown eyes

"Yes.." She asked me as if to say ' why did you stop me '

"I didn't get your name " I said to her in a 'duh' voice

"Ohh it's Ruben, Ruben Winters" ohh my god a hella cute name for a hella cute girl makes sense ...

I smirked at her again while she pouted as I said " haha Ruben Hood" she have me the ' are you fucking serious ' look, I just winked at her .

As she was about to run off again I caught her by her wrist

"What ?" She asked me

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