My first story or fan fic ( whatever floats your boat ) I hope you like it (: yeah (:


9. Calum's P. O. V.

Calum's P. O. V

It wasn't Ruben shit I feel like an total ass

"I'm sorry I thought you were someone els ... But are you alright though? " I asked the girl in front of me

She looked around 18 she had the same colour hair as Ruben but one blue eye and one green eye she looked oddly pale but still beautiful

"Ohh it's fine ... I'm fine I just came out here to think ya kno-" she was cut off but no other than Luke fucking Hemmings

"what's taking you so long Hood?" Luke asked me , assuming he hasn't seen the girl behind me

"I was busy talking to...?"

"Ohh right it's Bridget " she said

"Thanks, I was talking to Bridget you twat !" I said to Luke in a 'duh' voice

"Move out the way cal so I can see her !" He said in the most annoying way ever

"Fuck she's beautiful"I heard him say under his breath

"H-h-hi I'-" she cut his awkwardness off

"Luke ,Luke Hemmings I know " she said to my bestfriend

"I like your band "she stated and that just made like even more awkward than he already was

"So Bridget I have a question for you ..." I trailed off

"Sure what's your question" she asked me

"Luke ,Calum, michael or Ashton girl " I asked her with a smirk

She looked down as her and Luke's cheeks went red "well... " She trailed off


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