My first story or fan fic ( whatever floats your boat ) I hope you like it (: yeah (:


11. Calum

Calum's P. O. V.

"Hey cal !" Luke shouted

"Yeah ?" I answered the blond

"You know that girl you keep on telling us about ?"

"What about her Lucas ?"

"Well she's doing a live stream and apparently she sings!"

"Are you watching it?" I asked as I walked into the room

"Yeah ..."

"Move over fat ass "

"Ohh she's also doing a QandA ..." Luke trailed off

" did you ask her anything and if you asked her anything abo-" luke cut calum off

"No I didn't ask anything "

I sat there contemplating of I should tweet her something .. So I decide to tweet her with a would you rather and a kind of cheesy one at that ... I sat there smirking at my phone while inserting the smirking emoji at the end of my tweet

I saw her read the tweet and her face goes red instantly , she looks so cute when she blushes it's cuter than a fucking puppy and you don't get any cuter than those fuckers

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