My first story or fan fic ( whatever floats your boat ) I hope you like it (: yeah (:


7. Calum

Calum's P. O. V.

I was playing soccer on the beach with Luke and Ash even though they are shit at it hahaha , I saw a girl sitting on the beach a few meters away from us she looked so familiar it's like I knew her but I can't put my finger on who she is

"Caaaaal !" Luke whined as he waved his hand in my face trying to gain my attention

"Whaaaat ?" I whined back at him , ha in your face Lucas

"Stop zoning out you dick head ! Ash is beating u and let's be honest he's total and utter crap ! " Luke stated causing me to nearly fall over in laughter

"Hay I heard that ! " Ashton shouted at us

"Who said I gave two fucks?" Luke said Turing around to face ash

"Hay don't fucking swear ! We're in public Lucas !" Ashton exclaimed and it was hilarious seeing him get worked up about swearing

My eyes wondered back to the girl sitting on the beach with her head tucked between her knees like she was crying

I turned from the the bickering pair cause I know if I stayed I would not stop laughing at them and I made my way to the girl she looked familiar yet again but who was she ?

Then It hit me it was Ruben , Ruben Winters !

"Ruben are you okay ..?" I asked her with concern that she might be crying .

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