Mrs. All American

i love that accent you have when you say hello-you relocated from new york a month ago


1. chapter uno

Mrs All American

blurb -

i love that accent you have when you say hello~ you relocated from new york a month ago

chapter 1

authors note: okay so i know the boys dont actually live in the gold coast, but just imagine cause just cause okay.

Ashtons POV

the boys were all gathered at my beach house on the gold coast, i invited them all over for a little while. this used to be our vacation house but now its the 5sos meeting house ever since they all moved here, our new neighbors are coming today from new york. i remember my mom saying they had a girl our age moving in, she goes by the name eunoia, which if you search up means beautiful thinking. we were all imagining what she looked like.

"i hope shes not only beautiful but has a beautiful personality." calum said

we all agreed i mean who likes a snooty rich girl who gets whatever she wants whenever she wants, like total diva much?

"boys come down please, the neighbors arrived. help me with the brownies will you?"

"coming mom." i screamed "heres the moment of truth guys."

we all exchanged look and headed out the door

when we got there the car was backing up into the drive way and i saw a girl come out she had beautiful light brown hair that went down to right around her stomach, she was probably 5'8 with hollister dark blue skinnies and a abercrombie blue and white striped crop top. she was really pretty.

"shes beautiful." luke whispered loud enough for all of us to hear

we all just agreed and kept staring at her.

Eunoias POV

i saw the four boys and immediately recognized them, it was 5 seconds of summer. i wasnt a big fan though, they are like 4 douche bags combined into one.

"hi i'm ashton and these are my friends luke michael and calum. and you are?" ashton asked

"im eunoia" i said bluntly and went into my house.

i looked back and saw them all confused probably thinking why i didnt swoon over them. but i was interrupted by my house, more like beach mansion. i ran to my mom and hugged her super tight.

"you seriously shouldnt have, this is like a beverly hills beach house in Oz!" i ran across the room, my sandals or should i say thongs now, slapped against the marble floor.

i walked into a room marked with Noia's room it was so awesome, i had a huge 3 room walk in closet,

a king sized bed with turquoise and white sheets, my walls were painted white and i had 3 windows with turquoise curtains and a balcony, since my room was facing the sun, i always got light on my balcony and in my room. i was so excited.

also have i mentioned that i have a door in my walk in closet leading to my bathroom with a bath tub, shower, sink and a table to hold all my stuff.

this was atleast twice the size of my old room and its all thanks for him writing that the fault in our stars book, thats right he's the john green, and i'm eunoia green. but i never tell anyone because they'll just use me for my dads fame, not only is he a famous author but him and my uncle are a part the the vlogbrothers and made up the cons (digitour, vidcon and so forth) and i'm a youtuber my self, you might know me, i'm the girl who came up with the #ask videos.

i go on digitour, vidcon, magcon, and so forth like everything year, and my family means everything to me.

From: the magcons groupie 👅

Nash: yo sup dudes and dudettes

Cam: we're in australia who else?

Taylor: all of magcons here 😑

Eunoia: and me 👅 well depends if your in the golden part of the ocean continent

Mahogs: um sure?

Eunoia: hope y'all brought your thongs cause meet me at the beach in 10 behind my house thats right my own private beach

Hayes: i think we would all love to if we knew where your house is 😒 also thongs, inappropriate much

Eunoia: *enter address here* come asapp, also hayes your 17 your my age (well a few months older) and thongs i mean sandals

Aaron: okay okay bossy pants, and guys if we're standing next to each other why are we texting each oth

Nash: good point

Hayes: what ever eunoia, nash is 19 and was snickering when you said thongs

Nash: you little snitch

Aaron: just shut up and lets leaveeee

i quickly changed into my navy blue bikini top and floral bottoms (navy blue, with pink and red and orange flowers)

when i got onto the beach i saw 5SOS on their beach, they waved and i just ignored them, soon i got tackled.

"OWWIEEE HAYEESS!" i could smell his cologne and recognize it from miles away, i might admit that i kind of like hayes.

"sup." he just replied calmly like he didnt just tackle me.

i just laughed and felt my self being carried into the ocean by 3 pairs of strong hands

Hayes POV

Cam Nash and I got there first, i've always had a tiny crush on eunoia, shes just so unique and not like anyone. but so does like half of magcon, i always had a feeling that she liked carter or taylor, shes always with them during magcon.

we lifted her up and dropped her into the ocean, she got out and said"come give mama some love!" and before we knew it she covered us in a wet slimy hug.

"ew you nasty, just plain nashty, nashtier then nash." i looked at her in disgust as a joke. and everyone soon arrived

soon the night had ended and i thought to my self last time i'm gonna see her in months

authors note

so i know hayes isnt 17 and nash isnt 19 and this isnt a magcon fanfic but you know deal with it and starting from here its gonna be all 5sos all the time

love you guys


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