Badoo (16+)

"When the devil is behind the desktop and you fall easy. He will prison you.
Once a person said Love conquers all but when you are dealing with the devil the darkness kills the love." -Badoo(application)


2. Prologue

Playing like a fool with my cellphone as I hear a knock on my door. "Fuck of!" I was busy they should leave me the ell alone. "Young lady!" My mom was drunk again. I ran to lock the door but she entered first screaming at me. "Mom, please just go." I begged. "You bitch! This all your fault." She slapped me as tears were visible now. "I am leaving." I spat taking my purse and cellphone. "You are not because I am kicking you out!" I ran fast downstairs. "You will regret this and I swear mom that not even for being my mother I will never come back." I slammed the door as I received a new message on Badoo. "Hello beautiful pics. How old are you?" Harry texted. "Mmm thanks but I am not even close to pretty." I texted him back. "I am 19 btw" "Cool I am we can you know" I looked disgusted at the text. "No." "Of course you do let me guess you got kicked out of your house and have nowhere else to go." I looked around wide eyes as I saw a mop of curls behind a tree looking directly at me. "How do you know-" "You should be careful who you talk with on websites little girl. I want to know how your lips taste on mine." I began to run as I felt two arms carrying me on his shoulder. "What the fuck!" He laughed. "You don't even now if I am a pedophile or even a prostitute dealer...maybe both." He winked at me as I screamed.
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