Badoo (16+)

"When the devil is behind the desktop and you fall easy. He will prison you.
Once a person said Love conquers all but when you are dealing with the devil the darkness kills the love." -Badoo(application)


3. Chapter 01: Scars

His grip tighten as I felt like I was about to cry but I just turned agressive. He put me down when we entered what I think was his house. And began punching him. "!" I screamed as he hugged me tight. "Stop acting like a child!" As I tried to run and pulled my long shirt and broke the cloth into pieces as I covered my wrist. "Don't touch me." I almost sobbed. "Forgive me...I didn't know you-" I shook my head. "Now is not what it seems. It was my cat." I lied as he got closer and took my trembling hands in his and began stroking and kissing my scars as I closed my eyes keeping my worse fears inside as I sobbed and he hugged me. "I can't, we can't..." I pushed him away as I wiped my tears away. "Let me help you.." I shook my head. "Nobody could. I am unfixable. I can't be fix." I walked past him in a try to open the door and escape this scene with a stranger because he was a complete stranger. As I put my hand on the lock and open the door a bit he closed it behind me as I felt his hot breath on my neck. "Don't go." He begged as I closed my eyes trying to keep calm. "I don't know you." I said nervous. I was alone with a man in his own house a man I just met minutes ago. "If I was going to hurt you I would've done it by now. I just... I wanna help you." He stroke my shoulder like wanting me to turn and face him but I stood right in my place just listening to his careness words. "I know we don't know each other but I feel like I need to be there for you. Just give me the chance to make it work for you. I am not asking you to be mine I can be your friend. We can be friends." I had the braveness to turn around and face him. He looked at me worried and although I just met him a minutes ago and it may sounds crazy I felt like I believed in his words. I ran and hugged him tight. It took him by surprise but a little bit later he gave the hug back. "Thank you..." I whispered in his neck. "You know you can keep your mouth.." He laughed joking as I hit him. "You pervert!" I looked at him for some seconds as I burst laughing out loud. "So friends?" He smiled. "Friends." I nodded and before I could even see what he was up to he ran to me and spinned me around as I laughed. "Do you want some pizza?" He asked dangerously close to my face. "Pizza it is..." If this was friends for him I don't know how to act then around him.
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