Free Falling || L.H.


2. •|| Don't Need You ||•

Emerald'a P.O.V.

I was walking down the hall till someone pushed me into the janitors closet. "What the fuck did I do wrong this time?" I asked quietly looking down, guessing the person next to me is Luke. "Calm down! It's Calum." He hugs me and I hugged him back. "Oh thank god. Thought I was about to get beat up again." I sighed. "Stick with me and you'll be perfectly fine." He says and I just laugh at his cuteness. He is so adorable! "Anyways do you wanna skip school today?" He asks getting excited. "Sure it's friday anyways" I smiled. We got into his car and drove off. We both started sing crazy ass shit with the radio with the windows down and people driving by giving us weird stares. But whatevaa don't judge. By the time we got to his house it was 1 pm "nobody's home so I guess we have the house to ourselves" he sighs. We went up to his extremely large room and laid in his bed. "So Emerald what happened to you and Luke? You guys were like best friends" he asks. "Well it's simple. He went with the popular kids and I was alone after that. He promised me he would never leave yet he did and I guess since he knew most of my secrets and all that he shared with the school and just started bullying me." I sighed. "He wasn't always like that though. He used to be nice and caring, the exact opposite of what he is now. You know the saying 'people change memories don't'? Well it's true and I miss him. But I have you. Thanks Calum. I know we just meant but you're a really good friend." I said with a tear dripping down my cheek. He took me into his arms and said "It's his loss. Your nothing but dorky. You're so much more Emerald. Your beautiful and smart. Your just unique and it's his fault go not appreciating you for being his friend" he smiles and I feel a lot better. I smile and slowly drift off.

Luke's P.O.V.

Where the fuck is Calum?! And Emerald?! I swear to god they better not be together. School needed and it's Friday we usually just go to Calum's house so I guess I'll just walk there. Michael and Ashton are still in L.A. Ughh I usually get a ride from either or them or Calum.

10 mins later

I walk into his house and went up to his room and the fuck? Dorky girl? Your fucking kidding. I groaned and Calum turned over and walked up to me. "Hey" he says and leans on the wall. "Dorky girl again?" I groaned. "Yes her again and she does have a name" he replies. "Bruh I know I used to be her friend." I sigh. "I'm gonna tell you this and it horrible. She does self harm and that's because of you. She was sleeping and I looked at her wrists. Man you need to stop she hasn't done anything to you and she's not dorky for the last time Luke! She's gorgeous and outgoing. She's super nice and caring and she's just smart. If you don't stop I can't be your friend anymore." He sighs. "What the fuck man? Your gonna waste our friendship for his bitch?" I asked angrily. "Well you didn't care about your and hers friendship." He argues back. "Guys stop fighting.. Calum it's fine. Let him do whatever the fuck he wants." She says and groans from just waking up. "See?! Even she doesn't give a fuck. Why do you?!" I asked going crazy. "Because that's wrong. Your abusing her. It's senior year man. It's supposed to be a good year and it the last three years you've been slapping, punching and kicking her till she past out or can barely walk. You throw her at lockers and spit on her. She's a human being too. It's abuse Luke. And I can't be friends with a person that does that kind of thing." He sighs heavily. "Whatever man I don't even fucking need you!" I yelled and walked out slamming the door.

Emerald's P.O.V.

"Thanks for trying. " I whispered hugging my knees. "I'm not a fighter by nature but I'll do anything to protect friends and family. " he says. "Sleepover?" He asks. "Sureee. My parents are on vacation without me anyways so I'll just hang with the bestie. " I laughed.

(Hey sorry guys that it's such a crappy chapter but I'm so tired from all my midterms already and everything. I'll try my best for the next update to get it ASAP and make it way more interesting. So please stay tuned for that. Thanks! Please like fan comment etc. Xoxo, jay.)

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