Free Falling || L.H.


1. •||2 guys 1 girl||•

||Emeralds P.O.V.||


He threw me at the locker then started punching me and kicking me in the stomach till I coughed up blood. "P-please stop" I managed to cough out. "Sorry no can do. Maybe this will help you remember not to talk back to me next time. Got it bitch?!" He yells grabbing my hair. I opened my mouth but nothing came out so I nodded. He kicked me in the head and my vision started to get blurry and darkness took over.


||Luke's P.O.V.||



"You didn't have to beat her that hard" Calum said after we walked away from the pasted out bitch. "What? Your defending her now?!" I yelled. "No mate but calm the fuck down. All she did was talk back to you." He sighs. "I'll deal with her however I want to." I smirked and walk over to my slut Jenna. "Baabe! So like I need to go shopping later! Will you pleeeaase take me?" She says pulling at my hair softly. "What the fuck do you need to buy now?" I sighed. "Just something for I don't know.. Tonight?" She whispers. "Meet me at the parking lot after school" I said and pull her into the janitors closet.

** 10 mins later **

"Oh my god! That feels so good Luke. Don't stop baby!" She moans. I thrust into her even harder and faster and we both released. "Thanks babe. But the real things tonight. Hope you fuck me harder and faster than what just happened now. I like it rough." She says seductively. I pulled her closer and basically took her tongue in mine and put my dick into her ass and started fucking her again. What can I say? I'm a growing boy, I have my needs.


||Emerald's P.O.V.||


"Owww." I said as someone shakes me awake. "Oh sorry it's just I can't just leave you here hurt." A guy's voice said. I opened my eyes to see Calum. I started backing away trying to literally crawl but flinched with every movement because the pain from when Luke beat me earlier. "Hey hey don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you." He says. I tried to stand up but failed and fell back down. "I can't.. I c-can't stand." I started crying. I felt someone's arms around me and picked me up in bridal style. "What are you doing?!" I said to Calum. "I'm taking you to my house to get you cleaned up." He says putting me in then passenger seat. "Ohh well thanks?" I said nervously. "Hey it's fine. I can't leave a beautiful broken girl past out on the school floor like that." He says softly and drives off.


||Luke's P.O.V.||


"Calum! Hellllooo?" I yelled his name trying to find him. Ugh this is useless I'll just text him.

L- aye mate where are you?

C- I'm at home right now why?

L- Idk. Maybe it's cause your my ride?!

C- oh sorry bro. My mom said I needed to come home ASAP.

L- how both next time u tell me?

C- I would but wouldn't wanna walk in on you and your slut fucking.

L- stfu. How am I supposed to get home now?

C- walk. Whatever gtg.

L- I fucking hate you.


I can't believe he's making me walk I am going over to his house to see what's up. He never just leaves me like this.


||Emeralds P.O.V.||


"So you like cookies n cream or mint chocolate chip? I'm confused!" Calum says with a pouty face. "Awh it's o-" I was interrupted my my cell phone. "Hello?" I ask. "Emerald you were supposed to be home 30 mins ago. Where are you?!" My mom yelled through the phone. "I'm at school. I'm walking home right now. Geez I'm 17! Bye mom." I said and hanged up. "Ugh I guess I have to go now Cal." I said with the pouty face trying to mirror how he looked when he did his. We both laughed and he says "aight so do you want a ride?" He asks. "No it's fine I can walk" I said. "Okay I'll walk you out then" he says and takes my hand to the front door. "Well I guess bye?" I said giggling. "See your tmrw Emmy." He says and wraps his arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck. We both let go and I kissed his check and started walking home.


||Luke's P.O.V.||



"Oh my god!" I whispered after what I just witness. Calum hugging dorky girl? I mean she's not that bad but I thought he hated her too. I can't believe I'm saying this but I did feel a jealousy run through my veins when they hugged. I snapped the branch in half and walked quietly behind Calum. I poked his shoulder with it and he jumped around alarmed obviously. "So you were hanging with dorky girl this whole time?" I asked suspiciously. "Actually I was cleaning up after YOUR fucking mess. You want her to go home broken and bruised to her parents? I don't even know why I'm friends with you Luke! You beat people for your pleasure and it's annoying. She's not even that dorky or bad. She actually really interesting and pretty! But would you know that? On course not because you have no idea who she is yet you still bully her because she's "dorky". Get a life man. Your definitely not the Luke I know. He would never beat up his ex-best friend nor a girl." He scoffs and walks inside the house. I actually feel guilty but like it matters, Emerald and me used to be best friends but Emerald decided she was going to be the dorky kid in 9th grade and I decided to go with the popular kids. She just made me lose my best friend. She is so dead tmrw.||

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